BREAKING: White House Tells All On North Korea — Leaves Time For A Swipe At Hillary

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Saagar Enjeti for the Daily Caller reports, National security council spokesman Michael Anton explained the process by which President Donald Trump agreed to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, in a Friday morning interview with Fox and Friends.

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ROCKET MAN is just going to do exact same thing that the North VIETNAMESE did at the Viet Nam Peace talks LIE and STALL, shake his head in agreement while continuing to work on recovering his damaged Nuclear program and Ignoring everything that is agreed upon. The Russians did the same thing and same is true of IRAN. Some how though I do think that President Trump knows this and has a plan. He's no Pushover.

Jo Tee Konee says:

sillary-illary no respect for you

lorain isra el says:

Why is hillary not locked up and obama as well?

Leah Rowe says:

Another video censored by YouTube!!

luttimatos says:

Hillary Clinton is the saddest dictator without a dick and its Throne. All she has now is Own Toilet to release herself in pieces..

williamstrilaeff says:

Accidents abound with these so called inspectors.

Craig Hall says:

He winning again

Todd says:


WarlockCore says:

Why is that gargoyle Clinton even given the air time to spout more bullshit, especially about provocation, they along with the DNC, and quite a few of reps pushed very hard to go to war with Russia all to cover their big nasty hairy asses, just saying

TruthB Told says:

I am troubled by the " image " of the President is going to to NK. This gives the "political impression" that Kim has power over Trump (which is BS). In "power politics" either Kim comes to Washington , or the foreign ministers meet first, THEN the leaders meet in a neutral site (aka: Geneva Switzerland). As far as Kim's change in attitude, I don't trust that potbellied toad. This is just an attempt to buy time so that his missile/nuke system can be perfected ( 6 – 12 mo down the road ). If Trump goes to NK, then he should send a 4th aircraft carrier battle group to the theater. We all hope and pray that this will be a Winston Churchill moment and not a Neville Chamberlain moment. Just remember the lessons of history: the "Japs" were talking "peace" all the way up to Pearl Harbor. Don't let the prospect of an illusionary peace blind you to the reality of an imminent threat. Thank God that DJT is President and not HRK. I can only take solace in the fact that President Trump did not become a billionaire by being "suckered". Even if President Trump pulls this off, the MSM will still find a way to criticize the results.

Ron Gruber says:

The left has been running to the mics and going through the files to find anything they could were people like Jimmy Carter went over to talk to North Korea so this is no big deal Trump is just the latest in a long line. Well Clinton sold us out with nuclear and missile guidance technology all Obama did was write sternly worded letters like that was going to help so we're on the right track my thing is I think Trump out to be the one that picks where the meetings going to take place

Jason White says:

Go Batman! Make that Joker another laughing stock. For crying out loud, she's wearing purple. Just flash a blue light on her hair to turn it green.

Tim Cory says:

I got to it another way… Maybe it was just a dead link.

R J says:

Please arrest hillary already! so sick of seeing and hearing her voice! SCREECH!!!!

Tim Cory says:

Why is You Tube telling me that this video is not available? CENSORSHIP???

Spooky Baker says:

Trumps going to put em over his knee and spank em

Johnny says:

dont give a Beep what hillary said

Humly Humly says:

This witch would have the US at war with Russia right now if she became president. This evil "thing" should keep her trap shut. She will go to prison. It is just a matter of time and her time is running out.

richard bobby says:

She was never worried about her own actions though. I don't want them to kill her. I want her to live in an outdoor kennel at Gitmo and kept alive as long as possible. Death is too easy, using whatever acceptable means of execution are available. She could be streamed all day ever day in a 3 foot high cage so she cant stand and has to crawl around like a scorpion.

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