Former CIA Director John Brennan Comes Unhinged – Calls Trump TWO Words He Will FOREVER Regret

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Cristina Laila for the Gateway Pundit reports, Former CIA Director John Brennan has been reduced to a pathetic Twitter troll. Brennan, who may have perjured himself in a May 2017 testimony to the House Intel Committee spends his days attacking President Trump and his allies on Twitter.

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Lars Poen says:


jkirk1626 says:

Brennan is a Muslim domestic enemy of the Constitution. RINO traitors like James Lankford shield him from justice.


Brennan is arrogant & going down…he will be in front of firing squad…

deilight 777 says:

Gary, the man you have pictured in the opening is Clapper…NOT Brennan.

Darrell Goodman says:

Brennan is a traitorous swamp creature total communist party POS should be stood in front of a firing squad.

George says:

The main picture is of clapper. What else would expect from a corrupt muslim fired cop. Taqqia, does it mean anything to you?

Harris Anne says:

I knew that President Trump would be an awesome leader, But I had no idea that he would surpass JFK and Ronald Reagan. God Speed President Trump Sir!
The POWER OF PRAYER IS AWESOME!!!! Collective prayer works. Goes something like this: Almighty God Yahweh we ask you to bless the efforts of the good guys times TRILLIONS, EMPOWER those on the side of good, times TRILLIONS. Let everything that those on the side of good touches turn to gold. At the same time dear Lord, Thwart the evil agenda of the bad guys times TRILLIONS. Lets those on the dark side, Those that sold their souls, Those that worship EVIL implode on each other times TRILLIONS. Let everything the NWO< Corrupt FBI/CIA,MSM and Soros lap dogs touches turn to manure. In Jesus name we pray AMEN!

James Bowen says:

Lock Brennan up and give him McCabe as a cell mate!

carlton vaughn says:

Brennan deserves the gallows.

Alan Jones says:

Ok, but the photo is clapped???.

Jennifer 33 says:

That guy must know he is going to PRISON. These people are AMORAL not just bad.

Michael Johnson says:

Screw Brennan, just another EX-CIA drug dealer that got caught numerous times selling this country out. Hopefully this traitor becomes famous like Seth Rich some day. If there's money to be made (drugs, weapons, human trafficking, organ trafficking) the CIA is always there.

Derek Eldridge says:

That was a great comeback tweet from John Brennan.  So funny and very true.

Charles Reohr says:

Is John Brennan part of the EVIL globalist not wanting the citizens to know the truth?

Jj Johnson says:

Trump is a threat to the socislist agenda if the left, & possibly expose past corruption of those such a Brennan of he so hates Trump & desparages his rep, why? Brennan retired? Go enjoy it & B quiet!!

zoliezee says:

Really?!! He"s going to regret it??? These fucks never regret anything they do!!! No one in the dnc will ever see the inside of a prison!!

VonNarada says:

Brennan would look normal in Soros' Nazi SS uniform.

Philo-Judaeus says:

The first guy shown is not John Brennan. He is the Eggman, aka Mr. Egghead, NSA Director

Felix Niederhauser says:

All who are vehemently against President Trump and behave disrespectfully like Brennan are the prove that POTUS is doing something right! The are afraid of what is coming to the light and may cause them being handcuffed.


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