Hannity: Mueller’s witch hunt coming to an end?

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Hannity covers breaking developments in the Russia investigation, the probe into the anti-Trump dossier and more.

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Dan C. says:

Concerning the allegations that Russia conspired to throw turmoil into the US public and private communications methods , meaning US public news media and private sector forums , twitter , Facebook , etc. … "IF" true , it seems to me that Russia is owed a thank you for helping the American public see just how much the lying deceiving liberal anti-American fake news MSM (CNN , MSNBC , NYT , ABC , NBC , WAPO , HILL , etc.) … are willing to make up and play up VERY FAKE NEWS and shove it down Americans throats in attempts to brainwash you into believing their BS !! … thanks Russia for helping to expose the lying MSM , old adage is just give them enough rope and they will hang themselves …

Bob leroy says:

Trump resigns and now admits guilt

Charolette Sankareh says:

You and the Feds have a list of Trumps accomplishments.. only difference your list is fake news and Muller's list is not…

Charolette Sankareh says:

oh please… to cant say anything positive.. How about you never saying anything negative.. are u scared Hannity.. Trump wont say anything bad about Putin.. u in turn wont speak out about Trump.. so who is better??..

Tom Tyl says:

Hannity is still The donald's holster.

Charolette Sankareh says:

Trump might be the last to be interviewed but I think their will be more interviews in between time.. IE.. Hannity.. why not contact the Feds.. and tell them about the information u seem to have..

bosco008 says:

When Mueller says no collusion, then I'll believe it

Notscott says:

They should lower the minimum wage to $1.00/hr. Im tired of young people buying things. And make a healthcare program where if you go to the hospital you get a voucher for $50.00 for every $100k in personal medical costs. And they should hand out guns to school kids on their first day, so they cant be victims of gun violence. Guns force people to respect you. And they should end all medicare, medicaid, and social security checks forever. Im tired of paying for peoples retirements. They should've been responsible and saved more. Sorry. And they should deport anyone who disagrees with the Trump! You're lucky he's so smart. But no, liberals have to ruin everything. #libtarded #MAGA

Joe Morelli says:

The short answer as to weather Mueller's investigation is close to an end is umm…..No. 🙂 Keep dreaming Sean. Sarah Sanders has been saying that for what 6 months? hahaha

Esther Tyrus says:

Now maybe Satan and his minions will give CNN a vacation.

Dead Ball says:

Because 100 % of the things Trump does negative.

Peace & Love FAMILY says:

Yeah…yeah…Sean. Wishing… All of us are wishing this probe is going to end tomorrow! !

Travis Helfman says:

Hannity, can you get your lips off of Trumps TINY dick?

Rebecca Russell says:



​When is someone going to step up to the plate. This pussy grabing so-called president has got to go!
He's gotta GO

xl says:

so what's the breaking news ? it seems pretty boring to me.. every day Hannity tries to draw the attention to something else, rather than the actual Trump scandals

yaahme says:

LibTarded Media Presstitute Heads are exploding – – – AGAIN = BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Ron Winter says:

Just when I think Hannity can't get any more stupid……

Cory Palmer says:

Hannity is only an editorial and not even an actual reporter but fox fans take it as gospel what a bunch of sucker hahaha

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