Joe Biden Just Admitted The One Thing Democrats Never Wanted Out

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Joshua Caplan for the Gateway Pundit reports, While campaigning for Democratic congressional candidate Connor Lamb in Collier, Pennsylvania on Tuesday, former Vice President Joe Biden admitted that some Democrats don’t understand the problems facing the working class anymore.

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sue bennett says:

Stay away from the children creep!

williamstrilaeff says:

I'd love to know what the dems are going to run on this year. JOKES, JOKES AND MORE F#$KIN JOKES.

Pamela Martin says:

1st thing I don't want to get to passionate about this…he says..He SHOULD HAVE WANTED TO SAY IT!! WITH COMPASSION LIKE I THINK HE MEANT BUT YA THE DEMONCRATS HAVE LOST IT!! BUT TRUMP 2020…MAGA!!!

Urban Plowboy says:

Joe Biden is a wannabe communist just like Obama. The only thing that he's mad about he didn't get to totally destroy the country

Mark Smith says:

He speaks out of both sides plus his ass

arnie kurtz says:

Why did Joe and Obama destroy the middle class?

P U 25 says:

Cripster Biden!! Fucking Pedophile!! Good riddance we don’t have to listen to you anymore or see your double-jackass-face!! RIP

phil shea says:

He,d be a fool to run . Do you think the republicans might run a few ads with him fondling children ??? Think about it Joe

Music4Hire says:

And the acdemy award goes to Joe Bidden! , He must have been taking acting classes! LOL! If hewas so angry why didn't he do something when obama was in office? Cheers!!

Spacebear99 says:

You are absolutely right Gary , this is just all smoke and mirrors . A magic act if you will . They are just trying to play on people’s heart strings and run off the back of Trump . Wolves in sheeps clothing .

VS30131968 says:

Biden is just as guilty as the traitor Odicklicker. This asshole is a straight up liar. You vote Democrat you will suffer the same fate as California.

Vadim S says:

This criminal worked for Barrack Hussain, jail him Up!!!!! TRUMP MAGA!!!!

Donnie Wiggs says:

Thank god he has no little girls on stage

RobXbox63 Native says:

This guy is a Pathologically unable to tell the truth…

sumbamotor says:

Joe you are a Joke

GypsyHeart says:

He reminds me of one of those snake oil salesmen !! GOD help us if he gets in the game !!!!

Yisroel Katz says:

He needs more little girls to feel!

Yisroel Katz says:

It is about stealing our money!

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