Sean Hannity 3/9/18 – Hannity Fox News – March 9, 2018

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Sylvester Smith says:

The video was good…

Thomas Jensen says:

Breaking news

Hannity is reading from a teleprompter.
Your hero, as everyone else, is a puppet, Hannity hasn't researched a case in years

Thomas Jensen says:

When a Google cumtainer search is on point.

Funny how the presidents preferred show label themselves "non mainstream". As a European this is actually a sad attempt propaganda

Hurdy Gurdy Man says:

Sean Hannity, the undisputed, uncontested world champion of shiny objects.  Anything to divert and end Robert Mueller's investigation.  I also take issue with the NRA position that all guns are equal.  Assault rifles are easily converted to WMD machine gun capacity.

Ollian says:

Sean we need to see justice being done. The Russia collusion was a plot to destroy Trump reputation that's done we all know it. Please turn the tables now and let's go after the crooks.

Bob Dobolina says:

Hannity is a small mouthed idiot with a huge agenda, solely giving Fox "News" to halfwiited "insert insult here" people way too stupid to form an opinion without it being dictated to them.

randle guill says:


starryian007 says:

Farrakhan is a bigoted racist moronic cunt. I would like to shake hands with this bastards tonsils through his teeth! Leftists and blacks that support this waste of oxygen sicken me.

Kurt Slotkowski says:

George Soros and Silicon Valley billionaires are largely behind the funding of Fusion GPS.

Tadow MFs says:

"make the lie big,make it simple,keep saying it,and eventually they will believe you"…….famous quote….

Lene Ring says:

Sean, when you gonna talk about Stormy Daniels.

max bauer says:

the result of a broken educational system where only the wealthy actually get educated, while a big part of the youth is merely just kept off the streets.
And now the whole society has to face the consequence of this, the not so wealthy, undereducated, almost! the majority of americans!, voted for a vulgar racist idiot with no strategy, no plan, no grasp on reality, only big words and ridiculous promises. (mexico will pay for the wall).

If you live in a poor area you are doomed, no good schools, because the good schools are only available for the rich, and thus no job opportunities except digging coal like its the 1950s. Those areas with people feeling left out of society will grow and grow.
Thanks capitalism.

When this "situation" keeps going on like this, there soon will be a president that makes Trump look like an intelligent well behaved choir boy, elected by the dumb mob, finishing off this country once and for all, Trump is only the beginning my friends.
The rich will allways be the minority, this is going to be their own death one day when the dumb majority votes for a dumb fool who pushes the nuke button just cause he felt like it that day.

thomaskallevik says:

He was talking about the Rothschild and Soros etc. Zionists.

Fawn Hepner says:

let me tell you something if Tums willing to do his job and get this hit the stop with the civilians and Russia and put Obama in jail and Clinton and Hillary more power to him Barack Obama is a disappointment to the American people he didn't do his job he was in the office just for the money to make himself look good he didn't care about his American people you don't care about anybody but himself not even his own damn daughters or his wife

Erocktyle says:

Alex Jones has interviewed Farrakhan at least once, I think at least a few times, since they are both rampant conspiracy theorists. Should we be disavowing him too, or letting him slide since he is fervently pro-Trump?

WHM says:

Sean — a lone voice crying out in the wilderness…

Alex Jbf says:


colette s says:

those polls giving the president low rating are liberal pollsters. A poll done by a middle american unbiased college gave him an approval rating if 81%. And, 92% mistrust MSM…so MSM approval rating is 8%

CWB1863 says:

Yes Sean, Trump has a lot of accomplishments and i'm happy about many of them. Although, his eroding of the 2nd Amendment and his stance on "Due Process" is unforgiving.

Clark Kent says:

The best thing I will be telling my grandchildren many years from now is how America was saved by Donald J Trump. The left is treasonous, sneaky and will do anything to stay in power.
God bless the USA, great work Sean and to Tucker as well.

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