Tucker: Dems care more about murderous illegals than you

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Tucker: When Democrats say they’re committed to protecting undocumented immigrants, they’re talking about illegal aliens accused of vehicular homicide like Ivan Zamarripa-Castaneda in sanctuary city Denver. They believe illegal aliens accused of murder deserve to be protected from you more than you deserve to be protected from them. They’ll ignore and undermine federal law on his behalf. #Tucker

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Eu Sei says:

"Undocumented residents"… Boy, it's getting worse and worse! These people are ILLEGALS. Period!

commentonaa says:

This clown Tucker is the one-eyed guy in a room full of blinds….but he still an idiot…..!!

Fresh hh says:

Hey Right Wing people ! Look up Yuri Bezmenov: deception was my job. Here On YouTube. He Was an Ex KGB Agent who defected to America in the 80s. He explains why Liberals are so hypocritical and destructive. Our fucked up culture is the end result of propaganda and subversion. The USSR had dreams of subverting all white western countries to be open to communism. This was all planned at the Frankfurt school in Berlin Before WW2. Learn more look into : Frankfurt school. & Yuri Bezmenov.

Noah says:

Annnnnnnd he's gone! Nobody knows where he is now since he posted bail.

Sandra Geist says:

Wow this is such propaganda! No us Dems are not standing up for scum like this! We are standing up for the thousands of hardworking "ilegal" immigrants that just want a better life for their family. Stop acting like all "ilegal" immagrants are criminals. When statistics show over and over that all immigrant populations both legal and "ilegal" are LESS likely to commit crimes than their American counterparts. Do your research and stop race baiting! Do you not know your history? News flash none of our anscetors were born here. But for some reason some on the right seem to think we are just entitled to it. Have you ever heard of the slogan give me your tired, weak and hungry? The real problem is that too many citizens are not capable of achieving sucess and they need someone else to blame that on! This has been proved that in towns where "ilegal" were chased out the farmers and other such bussinesses can not get their crops picked. Because they will tell you that when Americans are hired for that work they will not last because they will not work at those low paying high energy jobs. How about talking about that?

See the Light says:

Wait. The choice is between turning him loose and deporting him? What happened to 20 years in prison BEFORE deporting him?

Ken Wells says:

Is it alright to vilify murderers, racists, and thieves?

MrBalrog64 says:

Liberals = evil.

Cody hoche says:

Well I got to run down on colorism from an mtv ad before this video I think YouTube and Google got jokes guys

Ozzy Lawless says:

Whoever released this illegal immigrant before notifying ICE should be arrested along with everyother person involved. These sanctuary cities should have all federal funding cut off and the president should send in massive ICE teams along with US Marshals and arrest them all including all supporters!!!!!!! Shut these cities down completely and indefinitely. This is bullshit!

Joseph Lavigne says:

this is all the left has …….Donald Trump took all the issues that the left used to run on……. but they cross the line with the transgender bathroom issue and there's no turning back for them……

AtTAck helicopter says:

< …and, dont forget, the issuance of ID/driver's licences and the push to allow certain illegals to VOTE. I wonder 'why' they'd want that. Dems have decided they do not need 'middle america' (and that means 'whites' who do not cater to their ideology, make no mistake, thats what they ALWAYS mean when they reference 'middle America') and are essentially at war with them since the 2016 election. We saw that in their denunciations and insults. And that is why they've doubled down on the identity politics instead of pulling back on them. They're cobbling together a coalition of the 'oppressed' with the promise that when they take power they will 'loot' the rest of america…which is self-defeating b/c it will lead to America's destruction b/c it will not be able to sustain that indefinitely. Dems in power will live in secure, gated communities, spout their platitudes about diversity, and be the first one's helicoptered out when the seething, boiling masses of the disaffected start to run rampant. Just look at the state of large cities with continued democrat leadership to see whats coming, sadly. And look to Europe…thats whats coming to US soon enough with dems in power…in the form of illegal immigrants flooding across our open borders. I fear Trumps election was one of the last gasps of resistance. They control the media, they control the internet, when demographics change enough they will control govt in perpetuity, and most average people will go along and 'accept' bc they dont want to be 'political' and just want to be left alone.

Zephyrr Sky says:

It's time for California to fall into the ocean n all the bad people with it. It is so wrong that these criminals are kept safe.

The Pirate Nation says:

Democrats. They care about the Dreamers….oh wait no they don't. They are about the US citizens….wait…no they don't….oh! I know what they care about! Money!

Keep Right says:

Then you detain the democrats who want to protect these pieces of crap. Clearly they don't want the perpetrator to pay, so they must be willing to pay for them.

jgarfunkle says:

God I just wish we could keep the Mexicans and ship the liberals. Mexico has never seen grown adults in mid 30s still living with their parents argue that a Whoopi cushion is white supremacy.

Walt says:

Any American who votes for a Democrat must hate America and be completely crazy!
Democrats have kept abortion legal have given taxpayer money to support Abortions!
That child is somebodies son or daghter, somebodies grandchild!
Democrats have championed homosexuality and given the homosexual movement great power. Homosexuals by far have the most sexual diseases! Homosexuals want to seduce your children into that evil, dirty, and dangerous lifestyle!
It could be your children who are seduced next thanks to Democrats!
Democrats hate America proven by all their actions and who they support!
Democrats are spending billions and billions of your tax dollars to support millions of illegals South American Citizens of other countries!
If you support illegal immigration then you prove how important it is to you. Sell all you have including your car and home then give all the money to illegal families.
Then maybe I will support your cause.

ViciousAlienKlown says:

was democrat for over 30 years until the party started pulling this crap and promoting weird alt left policies. At this point I can't think of a time when one party broke federal law just to get voters. But A liberal democrat from the 80s is now an alt rightwing deplorable than of course you need to import voters because you lost th plot sometime ago.

Matt Daniel says:

All liberals need to be eliminated by any means necessary!!!!

Irene Guebara says:

I’m Mexican & I think that any person regardless of their race or ethnicity shouldn’t be protected for horrific crimes like this. But listen, you’re literally taking people like him to represent the rest of the hard working immigrants & that’s completely stupid. Not every Mexican immigrant is a criminal, just like not every white person is a shooter. Stop using a few to represent the rest.

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