White House Rumor Mill in HIGH GEAR As Trump Holds MYSTERIOUS Meeting in Oval Office

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Hank Berrien for the Daily Wire reports, On Tuesday, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton met with President Trump.

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raccoon says:

Bumpy is a feminist afterthought that loves killers over life.

hulkefarm says:

God Bless BB and Trump

LizDav 34 says:

Replace mcmasters with bolten he knows his shit!

Jay Stimson says:

Always working for the money changers. SMH

Jody says:

I've heard there are MANY Sealed Indictments. One Prison is Ready .. Once "They" All go to Federal Prison, they should NOT be let Out their Cells and Have NO Communication to each other OR the Outside World. NO Commissary, NO TV, NO pens, paper, envelopes or stamps, Just their 3 squares a day of the Normal Prison / Jail diet of 1200 calories per meal. PRISON Isn't Prison unless you take Every Single thing away from them. Why most all that have went to Prison? End up being Re-Offenders. Fed' Prison is different. You do ALL your time and NO PAROLE.

Glenn McShand says:

We need to put 100% sanctions against Iran. Same as NK.

Barney Fife says:

Israel is last: there is a reason for it. Netanyahu is in for a big surprise.

wayne mcclory says:

We all must get the vote out November 2018 !!!! Maga

hillberg100 says:

Gary? U boob has been screwing with your live stream all day…..What a bunch of liberal pussies they have – Internet Bill of Rights needs passed , call your political cubical hamsters

John Neubauer says:

Bolten is a Bush Sr. Croney .Beware !

Tonya Perry says:

IMO…..Bolton is 100%Globalist!

mark kerlin says:

UN is out to destroy the world as we know it. They want a one world government. The New World Order wants the white race to no longer exist by 2050 and are sending Muslim refugees mostly men to rape women and kill men. They will not send these refugees to muslim county's as they are already Islam. We can see how this plan has had an extremely large iron thrown in the fire now that President Trump is in the oval office. God Bless America

morris west says:

What the fuck is a normal nation? Stop sucking isreals dick

Neil Jones says:

Rumor has it Trump gave lil dong jong stormy Daniels phone number peace deal is near

USA1 TRUMP 2020 says:

Trump is boss!!!!!!

Harolyn Allison says:

hang in there president Trump things will go your way, you are in the protection of our heavenly Father the Trump train is still full

Jean Jean says:

My War Veteran family members wanted to blow up that hell hole Middle East years ago, perhaps, we would not have muslim terrorists in America.
TAKE BACK Minnesota and Dearborn, Michigan from those INHUMAN Muslim terrorists invaders. Send those Heathens, Savages back to where they came from.

Christina Ashby says:


Ron Gruber says:

Why do liberals always think if we hold hands with our enemies and sing Kumbaya it's all going to be lollipops and unicorns? When the Hell in a human history has that ever happened? You're more likely to be overrun by these losers.

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