🇨🇩 UN: Two million children risk starvation in DRC | Al Jazeera English

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The UN has warned that two million children are at risk of dying of starvation in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Aid agencies say years of conflict and instability have created one of the world’s most complex humanitarian crises and it’s getting worse.

Those agencies are now emphasising the need for assistance while worrying that Congo has been forgotten.

Al Jazeera’s Hannah Hoexter reports.

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george snuffleupagus says:

Why don't the people in Kinshasa help them?
Why don't these people go to Kinshasa and get a job?

Jaret Ikhe says:

people now and day born tripplet everyday

george snuffleupagus says:

America alone gives DRC more than $300M every year. What are they doing with it?
Anybody can buy vegetable seeds on the internet.
There are trucks with water well drilling rigs on them all over the world.

Sid Vicious says:

Joseph Kabila is the most dissapointing young leader in history.

barakah says:

Tribal wars…

Morgan St. Clair says:

Why are whites always asked to save blacks.

Mélanie Belfort says:

Hummm they are poor and they walk on a floor that is worth more than 2 000 billion dollars

Sugar Pop says:

How come we only see women and children starving and no men? Population explosion! Geez. How many kids in one hut?

Geiger Counter says:

They're China's problem now.


Congo is on the edge of famine

Vada Ann says:

Amazon could ship them food in the blink of an eye.

AmericaNWO NOW u OWN. says:

I rather die than help any of them.

edris mateso says:

Yesu ponanini kongo nabiso ekomiii boyee

Annette Bell says:

Why are women having children if they know they can't feed them. I read that birth control was available, but they wouldn't use it?

True Tech says:

The murderous killings are the result of religious narcissism on behalf of murderous religious narcissists who think they are so right that they think killing their victims isn't really murdering them. The religious narcissists think their victims go to an afterlife, even though such a thing is completely impossible.
#ReligiousNarcissism <– Please click here to learn the underlying root causation of it all.

Leo Copper says:

Africa should use their wealth to build and save their people .. they are very rich yet very poor.

Adam Osak says:

White people this, white people that. Look at how they treat each other! And we always foot the bill to bail them out!

João carlos prados says:

Enquanto não aprendermos nós no amarmos como foce um só. Não seremos humanos só aprendizes samos todos. Iguais

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