🇫🇷 French industries face a shortage of skilled workers | Al Jazeera English

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France is enjoying its strongest economic growth in six years.

However, many employers, especially in manufacturing and industry, are struggling to meet the demands of their customers because they can’t recruit the qualified staff they need.

Some economists say this shortage of skilled workers could slow growth.

Al Jazeera’s Natacha Butler reports from Rueil-Malmaison, France.

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zewtuube says:

No one is to blame but the young men of France. For whatever reason they dont want to work these jobs and stay unemployed. But I was once like the young men in the video learning a trade here in Canada. Are class rooms were filled with young and even some older men learning trades. And it was a mix bunch of white, black, brown, and asian guys. We all loved learning and couldnt wait to work.

John Paul B.T. says:

I think this is where those refugees would come in handy.

The Free Market Socialist says:

Reducing labor restrictions… (the workers will learn to regret it!)

R Greenup says:

lol yes, more immigrants but next time use a brain and select those who can contribute and who won't be a burden on the social services. Euro 'let 'em all in' policy is stupid beyond belief, by all means help the disadvantaged but do that in their country not yours.

Not avilable says:

#fallow Canada

Hi There says:

this is Bullshit. There are no labor shortage, they just don't want to pay good people fair stable wages and benefits. .

zoe fofo says:

Say what?? Teach me. I'll learn. To work lol

Return of the Mack says:

The French need to reform their tax system and work laws for their economy to boom. For heaven sake they need to cut their corporate tax and small business taxes to attract more businesses to set up shop in France and create jobs. France has a lot of potential!

outbacktrek says:

provide a livingWage end global slavery (Y)

Rafael says:

Burguesia precisa que o Estado forme a mão de obra barata pra eles poderem explorar e tirar todo o lucro.

Blockchain Bot. says:

Lot of troll here, go figure.

PrimiusLovin says:

Sales and forklift drivers are not what I would call "skilled" professions: they're very boring, uninteresting, fairly repetitious activities and often badly paid!

Insight Curiosity. says:

Import skilled and professional immigrants from other countries.

Geiger Counter says:

Hahahahahahaahahahaha…………..this is too funny for words.

Po Li says:

don't they have plenty of peaceful youngsters?

Popcom Tablet says:


Eric Von says:

There are lots of people who are looking for jobs. Just hire them and train them!

Anirban Ray says:

Clear impact of feminism and blame on patriarchy..hire women in these segments and stop cribbing of wage gap.

Mark Mywords says:

If you have high unemployment, shortage of skilled workers and low wages, the solution is…
you guessed it: more immigrants

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