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The red carpet has been rolled out at Buckingham Palace and Number 10 Downing Street in London for Mohammed Bin Salman on his first trip abroad since he became Saudi Crown Prince.

The 32-year old became heir to the throne after a palace crisis last June.

Since then, he’s continued his country’s involvement in the war in Yemen, launched the blockade of Qatar and began what his government calls an anti-corruption drive.

Dozens of high profile princes and businessmen were arrested and held in a hotel accused of corruption.

His country is accused by human rights organisations of widespread abuses, and has been criticised for its conduct of the war in Yemen, a conflict which has caused a humanitarian catastrophe.

So what will be the impact of his visit, both for Saudi Arabia and the UK?

Presenter: Richelle Carey


David Hearst – Editor-in-chief of Middle East Eye.

Khalil Jahshan – Executive Director of Arab Center Washington DC.

Anas Altkriti – President of the Muslim Association of Britain.

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ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia says:

We shouldn't have anything to do with Saudi.

Ibraheem Akin says:

Now I see why they want Al Jazeera Closed……. A job well done to this Al Jazeera Reporter….. US don't care about lives of Civilians being killed always, all they want is "Arab Money"…. Hypocrites.

John Yahya says:

Yemen hothy shiaa with help of shiaa hypocrite of iran and UN started wars and many dumb Yemeny are blind about it.

Hassan Asiri says:

This is Qatari TV channel lol

Ro nin says:

oh look satan visits the UK, nice

Muhammed Ali Goktekin says:

Now we know who is supporting world terror. Both the king and queen and there rotschild masters. Only missing here is netanyahu. Keep sleeping uk

Abu Ahmad says:

Am not a fan of the saudi prince but u,k and america are more worst in human rights abuse look at the illegal invansion in Iraq and syria and isreal forming ISIS killing honest people. the so-called media dnt talk about that.

Truth Opinion says:

In the end capitalism wins!

The Foreigner says:

OMG the hipocrisy of the brexiters…. Spew hate on me now.

xcdj60 says:

Did you mean red carpet that rolls out for dog saudi prince to walk in as its like stepping on blood of innocent death people of yemen?

Maanze says:

Shameful times for Great Britain.

Omar Wacays says:

He is a dangerous corrupt war criminal

misty blue says:


David Holt says:

Thank God for Al Jazeera!

David Holt says:

So, isn't the real question whether the UK and Trump are backing the winning horse?

billy kobilca says:

Yeah…ide be screaming " how many sanctioned beheading have u approved this year !!!"

billy kobilca says:

Britain wants the rights to the IPO…of ARAMCO stock sale, on the London Exchange.
Second…wants arms contracts n water purification projects.
It's all abt moneys investment and smooging. All disgusting.

Jeton Shala says:

Because he is they'r dog

Massoud G says:

"This kid is so stupid ,(Saudi Crown Prince ) is a puppet of US , GB and Israel , when thy done with him they will throw him out like JUNK

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