🇵🇸 Highly educated Palestinian women struggle to find jobs | Al Jazeera English

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Women in Palestine are largely more educated than men.

Thirteen percent hold university degrees, compared to nine percent of the male population.

But despite their high level of education, many women struggle to find job opportunities.

Al Jazeera’s Harry Fawcett reports from the occupied West Bank.

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Dinu Cherian Varghese says:

Is Israel responsible for Palestine high birth rate therefore less jobs ?

obicapa says:

AJ propoganda blame Hamas and PLO they spent 1 billion on terror last year instead of creating jobs

MarilynSpook says:

Wow, more women study and graduate AND more women do hard labour on the lands compared to men? Palestinian ladies are badass, kudos to them working so hard.

Malcom Canning says:

good memories. no idea of the meaning

michael jackson says:

Education is overrated useless and un realistic ,skilled trades and craftsmanship is needed.

anuma nuva says:

can always be a mobile fgm specialist…

olivia-J Trans says:

It is useless to comment here because you're being watched by Moses.

olivia-J Trans says:

I'm proud of all these ladies, inspite of the Izzraeli prison conditions they do what they can. I hope you'll be free one day. ** Remember South Africa was also once an Appartheid state . . . أنا فخور بكل هؤلاء السيدات ، بغض النظر عن ظروف سجن عزاريلي ، يفعلون ما بوسعهم. أتمنى أن تكون حراً يوماً ما تذكر أن جنوب إفريقيا كانت أيضًا دولة أبارتيد. . . ** אני גאה בכל הגברות האלה, למרות תנאי הכלא הישראליים, הן עושות מה שהן יכולות. אני מקווה שתהיה חופשי יום אחד. זכור דרום אפריקה היתה גם פעם מדינת אפרטהייד. . .

Denzel Digat says:

Republic of Islamics countries and it's custom laws limit the freedom of women. You may get education but not many of you will get higher roles paid jobs.

Seth Oldman says:

Most children in the middle east… Most educated in the middle east… Cmon let's find a way to turn this into blaming Israel again!

Shahzeb Khan says:

Look at the comments
They are feeling so bad over these women's education. C'mon people step out of your hatred and try n understand the issue sometimes

remeshf says:

Al Jeez's usual blame Israel for everything schtick rolls on. More than Israel it's Palestinian patriarchy which hinders these girls future. Also the PA's failure to create jobs for women is also an issue.Is Israel to blame for unemployment in Jordan or Egypt??

Helgali says:

Israel is always somewhere getting in the way.

Mitch Paul says:

Enslaved women

AmericaNWO NOW u OWN. says:

Highly brainwash nationalist never work. The braindead nationalist job is to scam all journey and leave odd broke. Don't trust nationalist. You will see them with they rag flag.

Kirk Wilson says:

Should be going to sammich making school. Something women will use in life.

theraven900 says:

All the dumbasses in the comments are blaming Islam but the first girl who was speaking to the camera was a Christian and had a cross around her neck.

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