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President Trump will sign a proclamation putting into place tariffs on steel and aluminum imports at 3:30PM EST at the White House. Trump’s tariff proposal has aroused debate, but the President feels it’s necessary for national security and to address what he feels is unfair trade. Watch our LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE of the Trump tariff order signing here.

LIVE NOW: President Trump Signs Tariff Order

Watch the LIVE STREAM here.

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duke the dog says:

Pay attention to the republicans that are against this and replace them with people that support America and Trump . Paul ryan Mitch mcConnell jeff flake McCain EX Finally we have a president that supports America

MaryMag & Martha says:

This is why you don't go into business or loan money to your brother-in-law. What happens when your brother-in-law cheats on your sister
The intent for NAFTA opened the door to a lot more than some may realize. Meat, Corn, Companies closing, jobs going to Mexico and they still swarmed in masses to our country. Why? We gave them everything, including the kitchen sink. Their "middle class" increased, while ours dwindled away. Where did NAFTA take us over the past 25 years?

gerardo rodriguez says:

I’m calling it now. During the midterms when President Trump realizes that Democrats are about to take the house, he will declare that Russia is “hacking our elections” and demand that something be done, or the election be delayed..!!!

Stay Patriot says:

You tube placed all negative crap under search for 'steelworkers'

Stay Patriot says:

barry o– never would have done ANYTHING like this — he wanted China to own us–

Rick Shaw says:

This is so heartwarming. The fake news media is scared this footage will get out.

rita pilgrim says:

I love our President! Trump is the first President that I feel like he is really for the America people.

Becky Dagaz says:

I think now Pres. Trump has won over half the Democratic Party (labor union vote).

texas 75181 says:

Why exclude China, Canada and Mexico???? What is up with that???

Connie Cattle says:

Well that is the end of the steel industry in Canada thanks Trudeau you just killed Canada you must be so proud.

Charles Davis says:

THE USA: = UNITED STATES FOR AMERICA "CORPORATION COMPANY", commonly called country and namely nation. Formerly The United States of America, died a long time ago, back sometime in the 17th & 18th centuries. It's now the living dead on life support systems, and the political plug is being pulled!

Andrew Henderson says:

Repubtard control right wing propaganda.. wait.. actual thought and obvious facts.. very refreshing.. Keep up the good work. Dont agree with all, but is very fair. This is what Fox should be.. as a leftist, this is gold to me. Please continue..

Benedict Voon says:

it is not the job for President Trump to make China success, dude.

Hai Phan says:

If China charges us 25% tariff on our cars, why would we NOT charge them 25% tariff on their cars. Why would we NOT allow our exports to compete on an even footing with their exports? It's about FAIRNESS, forget the other reasons.

Economists think free trade is good. Of course, but only if both sides are playing by the rule. Else our domestic industries will be decimated.

Of course globalist elites don't care about domestic industries and the American people who work in those industries, they got cheap labor in 3rd world countries. They only care that we will keep on buying stuff we don't need with money we don't have.

John Nasr says:

I didn't consider the products imported to America containing steel and aluminum may also have the tariff apply to them. This wouldn't apply to certain countries such as Canada and Mexico. If the tariff is applied this way, it would make certain imported products higher, but a lot of these products are not top rate. There certainly will be some bad effects, but the good effects will far outweigh them. The point is start buying steel and aluminum in America, get a much better product, for likely the same price.

John Nasr says:

Funny that it is only MSM companies that are claiming the tariffs on imported steel and aluminum will hurt U.S. companies. For the U.S. Steel and Aluminum companies this certainly cannot be true. Other companies that sell a lot overseas may suffer a decline in sales, but only until the foreign buyers realize that they can get these products no where else or only can get an inferior product somewhere else. They could also make new products that have the same criteria. Once again, the long term benefits to America will be far greater than the costs of a Tariff. The globalists and anti-Trump groups are strongly opposed to MAGA, but this is another step toward it.

Main 1 says:

Trump should appoint Ian Fletcher as Economic Advisor. He's a Conservative who believe in Tariffs against "Free Trade". He doesn't believe what we have with other nations are really free trade, because we have no barriers, but they have lots of barriers. Its not a fair system nor is it really free trade

Main 1 says:

its not correct to say tariffs never work. US been a tariff nation from founding to WW2. Fed was fully funded by tariffs til 1913 or so when income taxes were introduced. US was a protectionist country with free trade internally. All those who cry about how it increase cost. Just decrease internal taxes, but increase external taxes so consumers don't have to pay as much. This encourage companies to build in US to avoid the external taxes

Sheela Grant says:

Say what you want, but this is the Trump I voted for. Peace!

Momma Bigs says:

Military needs military grade steel for the American troops, and nobody makes quality products like America!❤️

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