Adult film star’s lawyer claims Trump knew of payments

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Stormy Daniels’ lawyer said the president must have known about a deal negotiated just before the 2016 election to pay Daniels to not discuss her alleged 2006 affair with Trump.


Ed Holm says:

Good luck Cohen on getting paid back

John Bernard says:

If she tried that on Obama or Clinton she would be pushing up daisy’s!

Janelle Silbernagel says:

Lies lies lies!!! All just disgusting people!!! Cheaters…Liars…Whores…just bad people!!!

Janelle Silbernagel says:

Of course he knew!!!!!

ol man wit muscles bitches says:

I don't think she's beautiful.

Alice Kroeker says:

She is just gold digging.

Alice Kroeker says:

So she have sex, now she wants to be famous, lol

Alice Kroeker says:

So she is a hooker, what’s there to sue about.

KeepItReal says:

The song; "LET IT GO" pops in my mind when seeing the constant BS.. Grow up Bi*ch and go suck another dick for money since you're so money hungry..

殷彬 says:

Thanks to trump now America must reconsider for qualifying candidates

ExposingMiLabs says:

And now shes on a big titty bar tour raking in more cash. I believe her story but it’s also clear she is not trustworthy.

TheWinterShadow says:

Don't give her shit, including the attention she craves.

fitzroy blake says:

Trump trump trump
What next
You have not enjoy being president for one day,
You know why?
You did not win fairly,
Putin must be laughing at you, you are too arrogant to see that,
I bet you are going to blame it on Obama

Rafael Caro Quintero says:

Lol daily dose if fake news!

Charlie M says:

She just wants money and attention… That's all this is…

Daian Mata says:

I hope they charge her a Million dollars a day. Mr.Trumpet signed nothing.why don't you expose Joe Bidin , he loves little girl.
Investigate him before he keeps on doing it. we must protect pur children.

Darkhyperhappy X says:

10 year wtf

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