AMAZING Interview with an Immigrant Trump Supporter from Greece 3/10/18

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Saturday, March 10, 2018: RSBN’s Steve Lookner interviews a President Trump supporter in Pittsburgh at a rally.

🔴 LIVE: President Donald Trump Rally in Moon Township, PA 3/10/18

🔴 LIVE NOW: President Donald Trump Rally in Moon Township, PA 3/10/18

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Steve Williams says:

President Trump is my President I can say that I helped get him elected. I know there were more than just me but all together we elected him but most all it was the Christians that we got hold of God and granted because we in one accord. God is are main stay are everything praise be to God our father.

Kay's Critters says:

God bless you, Steve! I'm so happy you're awake and haven't been swayed by propaganda. I hope and pray many other immigrants follow in your footsteps.

Zsuzsanna Guba-Johnson says:

"This video is not available". I guess, YouTube has removed it. Again.

Maxi Man the Maxi Can Martinez says:

He’s Been Here since 1974, and still has a heavy accent

Jami B says:

Awesome….good job rsbn.

Trump's Sword says:

May God Bless this American Citizen. Keep America Great!

dash captures of Vermont says:

Pretty good interview OK!!!

My Buddy Dix says:

Greeks are based af

Guido says:

when a Amerian or Russian comes to Europe it isnt a immigrant, its a fellow Western or brother Russian.
Only africans or middle eastern or eastern are considered immigrants, nothing about them is fellow or has any loyalty to the West and our friends.

Michael Richards says:

Conventional wisdom is that manufacturing and processing trade has now permanently gone from US towns as China can produce cheaper goods and source cheaper materials and labour. But it doesn’t have to be this way, as President Trump is about to show the world. He is going to bring jobs and prosperity back.

joe says:

Leftists be like: “I didn’t know there were immigrants not from the Middle East!”

Dani2wheels says:

A lotta booze at those Trump rallies?? Man, I'm missing out!

Daisy Cocoa says:

Well said! Greek people are a wonderful people!

david steinmetz says:

God is never make mistake

Claude McGovern says:

This immigrant tells it like it is.

Love Roscoe says:

Very disquieting.
Trump supporters are not calling out POTUS on the sizable number of sneaky AND in-your-face betrayals our man is – stunningly – pulling on us.
While I:
Cannot allow this to become a rant that attempts to do a comprehensive overview, esp since I’m:
Not a writer, tired, etc.
Just sayin:’
We cannot just keep cheering & bobbing our heads in a state of cognitive dissonance bc we’ve loved this guy & cannot face the devastation of betrayal, & hard work to reign things back in & keep up on our Congress & keep THEM in line.
Please, STAY AWAKE, citizenry, research Civil Asset Forfeiture, watch C-Span & the LONG version of Trump’s frequently STUNning remarks @ his unapologetic willingness to trample our Constitutional Rights, our States’ Rights!
Him AND Sessions.
Let’s be educated on the evident & historically proven BOGUS nature & TACTICS of this “War on Drugs.”
So dangerous & disingenuous.
Swamp is being stocked.
Vegas, Parkland, NOT all they appear to be.
Do you understand the National ID potential?
That our President can/could’ve done LOTS of stuff re “The Wall?”
How bout the illegals just busting thru – physically, politically, VISA, tourist,
Ya know what?
I’m nowhere near done, & I’m getting out of control writing too much, confusing things probably, & nowhere near finished!
Point is, really & truly that our

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