Breaking Now At The ACP313… SACCONE WINS!!!… Over Another Young Dumb DemonRat Democrat

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steve hi says:

How much money they spend , trying to hang that Demorat on the people?

Paul Squires says:

Evolution is fake news. A fairytale told to the slaves by their masters. Smarty pants

Paul Squires says:

Great news praise God

Nat hand RICH says:

believe it when I see it or hear it

thomas jenkins says:

You notice how the less blue areas are trying to make the decision for the rest of the state. That needs to stop. Crowded areas of Democratic run areas like cities should not be able to outvote the 70-80% of the rest of the state or areas to make the decision for everyone else.

Sindy Powell says:

Hey, I thought the Democrat won????? now I'm confused???? whats the real story????

Mr.E.Shoppa says:

??? what is going on here ??? Feels like a waste of time.

Love Talks says:

Yes!!!! That demorat was already claiming victory while Republicans were saying wait,it's not over yet lol,it's over for that demorat.

Jerry Holbrook says:

The left proof even hell needs firewood!

Jerry Holbrook says:

Nuke the left

B L says:

This makes ZERO sense. No one is reporting what you are saying. They are all reporting that he lost by 641 votes.

nire muter says:

Drudge said Lamb won but I pray a recount changes that. Please God

Dennis King says:

I'm hoping it's so close they are forced to do a recount and voter fraud is exposed.

Panzer 1918 says:

Wait what? But they said Lamb won?

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