Meghan McCain on ‘The View,’ her dad and President Trump

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“[My father] really is the most resilient man in the world. He was fine when he was diagnosed,” “The View” co-host said of her father Sen. John McCain.


Jarek Kril says:

"grown up woman" listening to her papa… dependence to authorities is so typical to conservatives all around the world , there is no space for independence and free mind, just stick to rules that were made up ages ago even when the world around has changed and is changing dramatically, conservativeness is only a defense mechanism

The Dark Knight says:

She's so emotional and entitled and trust me before seasons end she will say something that will get her fired

mayita77 says:

Big Meghan needs to go. She is gross.

bergcycles1 says:

One of the coldest, most arrogant b*tches I've ever heard. So ice cold and salty. Yuck

nameinaframeindy says:

I know Meghan, its Hillary and Obamas fault.

Cheryl McDaniel says:

Some of your comments are just absolutely horrible! Talking about her looks, her weight, wishing death on her family?!?! Disgusting! Some of you seriously need to grow up!

Marisa Mary says:

I don’t like her politics, but I like that she has conviction and does not sway from her beliefs. I think she’s a very polarizing individual on The View and I actually like her opinions.

Jack McGuinness says:

Meghan McCain is a great addition to the show coming from a Liberal, Meghan made the show much more exciting and its great to have two different view points on the show its interesting to see a bit of a debate but thats just my thoughts.

Phoebe Nocera says:

There is something to be said for integrity and character; said a republican… Wow you think!

virgen virgen says:

She's still a hypocrite! The other girls on the view have defend McCain the most. I don't give a shit about the McCains.

SassyBratt1 says:

She always looks like she is full of gas and needs to burp.

r3dift says:

I love when Meghan does these solo interviews like on late night shows, Andy Cohen or like this. You get a better sense of where she comes from.

Yvonne Watkins says:

There is a LARGE Alt-right 'news' that judges the Dems ALL THE TIME!! Check out faux news, breitbart, alt-right, and their slams against Dems and Liberals!!!

silver fox says:

McCain she should have her own show. Christian's rule!. Librals druel! In Jesus Christ name we pray A'MEN.

John Bush says:

Bb Broadus. It's called freedom of you have that in your country.?

CMM says:

She's better of returning to FOX. Just stuck in erroneous believes

Miguel Hernandez says:

Get them MEGAN. Dont let those crazy liberals on the VIEW get away with their hateful views about conservatives.

Rae Earth says:

“I’m I’m I’m I’m I’m I’m I’m I’m”

Rae Earth says:

when she offends everyone else it’s okay when she gets offended she wants everyone arrested and shit.

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