‘The Bachelor’: Arie and Becca see each other for first time since breakup

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After proposing to Becca Kufrin, Arie Luyendyk, Jr. said he missed Lauren Burnham, the show’s runner up, and broke off his engagement with Kufrin to pursue Burnham.


Kathrin Micke says:

Becca is such a good person

Elsie Pena says:

What an ass!

gee whizz says:

listening to these stupid women makes me ill.

Florence Major says:

Arie said he wanted a strong independent woman. Becca was a strong independent woman and he didn’t want her. I think he just said that to sound good. He chose Lauren because she’s weak, submissive, and dependent. And she took him back in a heartbeat. Smh

Arizona Skywatch says:

I called this.. it happens. He should have chosen lauren instead, he didn't trust his own choice.

Arizona Skywatch says:

Okay so now the guy who she was with for 7 years wanted Becca, but she said no, then Arie didn't want her, she DEFINITELY NEEDS HELP NOW!!

David Cowan says:

At 3:21, what is on right hand of screen in background?

Vincent Cuttolo says:

As someone who has never watched this show…..Is the anger at Arie misplaced? Dating 25 people simultaneously sounds like a mess. Human emotions are complicated. We are not robots.

Vincent Cuttolo says:

That psychotherapist is not easy on the eyes

woahdudette says:

Why do we care about this shit? These people aren’t in it for love which by the way there a little to none chance of a relationship flourishing after being on a reality show based around fake ass proposals and relationships. This is flavor of love just not as funny.

Micah Cooper says:

I dont feel bad for becca thats her fault for joining that stupid show that breaks young girls hearts

kayla lewis says:

Worth bear support veysw apart tall worth tend lot ensure counsel.

m/unit says:

Hahahaha lauren..wounded bird

aircom 26 says:

i wonder how many woman chris Harrison slept with from the show

acreppinstp says:

what the fuck is the bachelor

Incredible World says:

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brigid86 says:

what do people expect when you're dating multiple people at once???? this isn't how dating works IRL

Candlelight Light says:

he was convinced! HE WAS CONVINCED!!!!!!!!!!!

Saidielivpig - says:

Arie's a jerk, Lauren shouldn't have said yes. He's so awful, he doesn't deserve either of them, or any woman for that matter

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