Trudeau and Bill Nye the Science Guy Discuss Science Innovation

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Bill Nye discuss Liberal budget plan for investments in Canadian innovation
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Jeremy Simmonds says:

Hey CBC News your audio is embarrassingly poor quality

Hugh Hamilton says:

Is this kid's TV?

The Mindfulness Project says:

I can't even stand to finish watching these lies – CBC – how about some actual science….you know, the stuff they don't indoctrinate people with?? How about you do your job – deliver REAL news. This makes me sick – knowing the truth and watching government funded news continue the LIES. Lies lies lies – you too, CBC are subject to the natural laws of nature. May you get back what you deliver.

Charlie Landry says:

Join the big protest against True doe ( have to spell it this way or it will be removed from view ) Join us on May 4,5,6th only a couple months away .
We are trying to prove Trudeau wrong he said that As far as his ethic violations go Canadians are apathetic , we don't care! We want people to take part in this protest , it will only take 5 minutes of your time and can be done from the comfort of your own home. Let your opinions be heard do not wait until the 2019 election because by then we may not have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms contact info for Justin Trudeau
Phone #613-992-4211
Fax # 613-941-6900
80 Wellington Street
ottawa , Ontario,
K1A 0A2 no stamp needed if mailed within Canada

ddstar says:

21:19 bill nye everyone.

Gaius Genovese says:

Trudeau = beta male

Zal Moxis says:

Two shameful liars and traitors to the human race……  misinforming the gullible out there…..

keith bonham says:

I had no idea I was a scientist when I was a kid , I was under paid . ….This weeks Liberal Zoolander Blunder.  Junior is harming PEOPLE  KIND  more than helping  PEOPLE  KIND …..More Liberal Propaganda from Our Nationally Funded Liberal Network.

tml tml says:

Lol . Talking to Bill Nye about science! That's like calling up a gynecologist to do your plumbing!

Tanner Sanden says:

Why hasn't trudeau come out of the closet yet? Maybe the science lie guy can play psychologist and help him with that.

Roma says:

National embarrassment. Prime clown.

Mike Christou says:

It's really not even funny.

Ciaran O'lunney says:

2 radical left puppets right there!

Shawn Clifton says:

Least. Scientific. Talk. Ever.

gabeh coud says:

These 2 are frauds. And trudeau selling the solution as a tax… HAHAHAHAHAHA that solution in the middle, a price on carbon.Funny how his amazing solution in the middle is less money in your pocket. Typical leftist politician – the solution is always more tax for the everyday individual. Why don't they offer rebates and tax incentives to companies who innovate in this area instead of taxing everybody? That cant be right though, that would mean less money for trudys government.

Noy Tanks says:

Comedy gold

Noy Tanks says:

This Hour has 1hr and 14mins .. (this hour does not have 22 min) haha

B Vz says:

PC for Ontario #neverwyne

B Vz says:

CBC you dinosaurs cant even get the sound right HAHAHAHAHHAHA go home grandpa and grandma your times up.

5 flapjacks says:

I like science, but Nye makes me vomit.

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