Woman dies mysteriously in historic California mansion: 20/20 Part 1

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Two days after her boyfriend’s son was hospitalized after falling, Rebecca Zahau’s nude dead body was found at her boyfriend’s mansion.


Virgil R says:

Sounds like a satanic death ritual and all of the evil doers involved will be exposed!

rj jr says:

Those Asian women probably killed that kid so the girlfriend could have a kid with him and they would be set but the brother found out.. and did the world's dumbest hanging scenario..murder.. Can't trust 3rd world people

rj jr says:

Nancy grace is a annoying ugly crusty scab nasty

KC Nham says:

Sugar Cane, Sugar King, Sugar Daddy, & a dead Gold Digger. And that's why if you're a poor immigrant, you don't fuck with rich, powerful, white people.

Lov 1234 says:

She is from a 3rd world poor country Myanmar to seek a better life in USA & presume she found her true love & having a good job!!!

This is her fate to die so sadly & horribly!

Never never ever trust a man or woman
regardless of race gender etc!!!!

j9andphoenix says:

I heard about this case several years ago and could never quite understand how it was viewed as suicide. I only wish that the story had been dealt with here with respect – Nancy Grace unfortunately cannot help adding glib rhetoric – she has been a victim of crime herself, so I am totally confused as to how she can speak about other murders without any dignity and respect for other families who have to go through this. The case itself – is really odd – that the person they suspected had an identical twin sister…the method of supposed suicide is just so not typical of a person suiciding but seemed to be more about anger and shaming her.

Maria says:

I believe she was murdered. I've never heard of anyone tying their hands, legs before hanging themselves. Whom ever killed her, probably blamed her for the death of her boyfriends son Max. I also believe she pushed Max, down the stairs and that's why she was killed.

andrew andrew says:

it was suicide.

Linda Martial says:

The brother did it

X-MISMA-X says:

Deena took a HIT Out on Rebecca! I remember when this happened.

X-MISMA-X says:

I see plastic surgery EVERYWHERE

Hailey Brown says:

She was an ugly ass asian. Who cares if her husband killed her

Conor 'pls dont take my belt' McGregor says:

Get lost Nancy Grace annoying ass bitch. That Asian chick was hot by the way. Someone that hot would never kill herself.

vecindad82 says:

It was the millionaire brother!! The only other person on the property.

Angelo Jamaica says:

The Corvus, I was thinking the same thing, She is a rag.

Billy Goats says:

Just another bad asian driver

Kate Krissana says:

Who’s the killer?

Al Smith says:

The white man love Asian pussy!

SAGaming a says:

The ending riddle must mean she saved max by calling the police but can we save her

carissam83 says:

Rebecca did it herself. They leave all that information out and ignore the little boys death.

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