Woman walks out of jail over 2 years after fiance’s kayak death: 20/20 Part 1

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Angelika Graswald had been accused of killing her fiance, Vince Viafore, in a kayak incident in April 2015.


vaggelis Tsourmas says:

ofc jail system for women in America LOL

vaggelis Tsourmas says:

ofc jail system for women in America LOL

-OK Internet- says:

Take away her vagina and she'd be doing 26 years to life.

Shanna Tate says:

I'd need evidence she actually pulled his plug, why would that even come about, the kyaks where unsuitable and the plug may have come out during the turbulence of him being capsized, not impossible, no1 said they were arguing, the story was straight, and probaly fell in because she was ptobably waving frantically at yhe boat, thàts what i'd be doing, ultimatley you cant blame her for the weather.

Blackfish says:

If that were my brother or son or dad, this would make me so damn sick.
It already does, actually. Deport her ass at the very least.

Rene Segat says:

Kayakers know that pulling that plug is basically harmless. Interrogators know how leading the detective was and how easily a confused subject can say things that could be misconstrued as a confession.

KLTHEMAN78 Landi says:

Another 2020 8 minute tease special.. soon, I will never click on their bait videos again.. Im slowly learning.

A Google User says:

So why was she released?

orion mcgee says:

Its on site with this bitch

Christopher Bedenbaugh says:

Why the was that dumass kayaking when he can't swim he deserves to die for being a complete tool

Jay Shanker says:

White privilege.

Jamie Arzola says:

Oh my god. Evil.

Mark Myers says:

If that was my partner I be scared screaming yelling, she was way to calm

kevin 8039 says:

How does she have friends after this???

Muse Russell23 says:

Friends?? Why the hell are people supporting her?

Muse Russell23 says:

Wtf is this, 2 years??

Lexi Dean says:

someone tell me how this is her fault

Rayne Kimi says:

She had all this planned perfectly.

Maria Sanchez says:

Hopes she never find a men and live herself alone and not love.

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