Chemical Plant Explosion In Hood County, Texas

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Firefighters are battling a huge fire after an explosion at a chemical plant in Hood County.

Sheriff Roger Deeds told CBS 11 News that one person was missing and another badly injured in the blast that happened at Tri-Chem Industries, in the city of Cresson on State Highway 171. So far, there have been no evacuations in the area.

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nate disrud says:

All i can think of is FEMA…

Paul Hibbard says:

What's with the picture , that is not a chemical plant. I know because I'm a first hazmat responder?

True Believer says:

My daughter and grand children live there on the corner of 171 and 377 they are OK

SusanL Raynor says:

What's up with the chemical plants blowing up??! Makes you THINK

gabe yates says:

Had a chemical explosion last night in Sulphur Louisiana. Shook my house, stuff like this is happening everywhere.

Jodi Goswellen says:

I'm not far from there within an hour,I'll alert my son he drives that road home from work! Thanks…

remivonrude says:

It looks like a giant meth lab

texasted73 says:

I live in North Texas outside of Dallas Hood County is west of Dallas and Fort Worth just south of Weatherford Texas we have a very strong Westerly Southwind today my eyes have been burning for the last 3 hours would not surprise me if the sons of b**** blew this building up on purpose like a big chemical weapon please chime in

Theresa Smuts says:

For a minute ,I thought you said 'in the hood'.…lol forgive me …..on the Cape flats in SA afew houses ,turned into meth labs , have exploded.Touche

Terra N Texas says:

there are always explosions at the various chemical plants scattered around Texas. Pasadena, Galena Park, Texas City and south are hot boxes waiting to go. Grew up in Houston and it was a regular event.

lady D says:

What the heck, and bridge just collapse in Miami. Dang this is some scary times.

James Davis jr says:

Wow Nitro Glycerine can be made from Soap!!!

Keri Watt says:

And a Bridge collapsed in Florida today.

LoneStar Patriot says:

This is where i live. Good report Dahboo!

joanna freedom says:

Soap and acid. What soap exactly do I need to stay away from? Lol

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