🇮🇶 Iraq’s Halabja chemical attack haunts survivors 30 years on | Al Jazeera English

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It has been thirty years since the Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein launched a chemical attack on the Kurdish city of Halabja, killing thousands of people.

For survivors, the pain is never far away.

But despite multiple treaties to ban chemical weapons around the world, poison gas attacks on civilians have not stopped.

Al Jazeera’s Osama bin Javaid’s report.

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Edi Bese says:

thanks for remembering this dark history

Edi Bese says:

I made a video about halabja (painting)

eviltreemonster says:

Way hardcore.

Ashraf Mikhael says:

*It has been thirty years since Iran launched a chemical attack on the Kurdish village of Halabja, during the Iran-Iraq war killing thousands of people.

Frank Lampard says:

some of mslims still hail saddam as tiger of islam !! specially the south asian ones.

Mesopotamian Kurd says:

Iraqis are terrorist trash.

Sakinah Hur says:

Wasn't Serin and Mustard Gas created by scientists contracted by US Pentagon at MIT university in Cambridge, MA?

Didn't our country support Saddam Hussein during the war against Iran?

Didn't our government turn a blind eye with exceptional research data from this massive attack?

adwaye says:

Lets blame the US for this as arabs like to blame us for everything. We have 11 million barrels a day now. Bye bye arabs back to your camels and illiterate culture. Lol.

Golem Pek says:

keeping the grave of death body and putting a stone above death body is a also a form of idolatary , death body has no importance ! and stop killing each other !


the girl that was putting her hands on her head was saying I'm alive I'm alive I'm alive. no child should go through this experience.

Ramsey Bolton says:


Kat says:

Shame on you for using this tragedy to push your propaganda about Syria.

SanyarKurdBiker says:

Halabja was a Terrorist Attack and Georg Bush have done nothing wrong. And since 2014 these Chemical Weapons that the US couldnt found are now in ISIS hands

Friend of God says:

Wow, oh, wow…. it's sad.. I don't know whether to put thumbs up or thumbs down…thanks for sharing the truth of what's going on.

ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

man thats horrible R.I.P

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