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Peru’s president has faced eight hours of questioning on his ties to a Brazilian construction giant.

The company’s being investigated over accusations of a kickback scheme for government contracts.

It comes a day after Congress voted to begin impeachment proceedings against Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

Al Jazeera’s Mariana Sanchez reports from Lima.

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Igor Almeida says:

PPK, por um peru mais grande.

Ludu says:

USA is The problem

Pamela Palma says:

To be honest, Peru's Congress is full of idiots and robbers. All those delegates don't work at all, they are only interested in benefiting themselves and big companies.

Ludu says:

Resolve to laza benefits forever

hincha peruano says:

Lawmakers were supported by Odebrecht too and they want to judge??

peaceandlove happiness says:

Well he's not the first president to be involved in a financial scandal and probably won't be the last.

Thirsty pooche says:

That ex- wall street lad needs to go!

Sam Hussein says:

If they want to make money go into business. Why go into public office to steal. The body rots from the head.

Delon Thomas says:

Spanish nations bleeds from corruption

Alan Garcia Stan Account says:

what a mess! we need alan garcia back in the presidency. he is the only one who can govern properly! Humala, PPK are useless! Please save us Alan!

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