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Voting is under way in Russia as 110 million eligible voters choose their leader. President Vladimir Putin is seeking a fourth term, which will give him six more years in office.

The Kremlin is hoping for a high turnout to boost the legitimacy of Putin’s expected victory.

Meanwhile, Alexei Navalny, the country’s main opposition leader, who was barred from running in the election after being convicted of embezzlement – a charge he says is politically motivated – has called on his supporters to boycott the vote.

Al Jazeera’s Jonah Hull reports from Moscow.

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Ahmad Shukairy Jamali says:

Good luck!!!


Respect and Salute for Mr Putin! We can not think his alternative. My ideal world leader. One man army fighting against NATO = North Atlantic Terrorist Organization.

Landon Thomas says:

Is it really a free and open election if you're given false information about Putin?

Blockchain Bot. says:

Nothing surprising here.

Дмитрий Донской канал says:

I Russian, why. I will vote for Putin…… Putin is a good man and very smart. the economy picked up from its knees, why . American television demonizes Russia and our President will put his in the wrong light of the constant propaganda of anti-Russian moods Hollywood loves Russian villains…. Russians are much worse than terrorists .. In the US, there are adequate people ???? Forgive my bad English

Mike Tayon says:

I am an American, meddling with the 2018 Russian Election…… GO PUTIN! LOL 😉

Akuki100 says:

Congratulations to President Putin, Russian peoples and to the rest of the world who is exhausted of imperialism hegemony!!! The Russian people you make the very right and decisive choice, once again Congratulations!!!
Respect and Salute for Putin! He is the greatest leader of our time, we wish him all the best.

Freeman Horton says:

former soviet union's asset wins

ShAdOwMaN says:

We already know Putin will win.

Mazerati k says:

you know there is a presidential election going on because there's are signs in the street saying there is a president election ha

mattvjmeasures says:

What a farce.

Marco Torres says:

Opposition want change & don’t vote? Stupid… At least show numbers that people are willing to vote for other candidates & not Putin.
You may not like the other Candidates but you could make a change with numbers.

Mark Mywords says:

It is understandable why the Western media don’t mention Grudinin & Co, the opposition who could really challenge Putin and remove him from the Kremlin. They don’t show how the Kremlin uses dirty tricks against Grudinin yet they whine about Navalny all the time. WHY? Because since you can’t have Gorbachov (Navalny) in the Kremlin it is better to have Brezhnev (Putin) in the Kremlin than Stalin (Grudinin & Co).

Stan Kormy says:

Congratulations Putin!

viva padrepio says:

Refreshments served at the polling booths are much better than what's available in the grocery stores. That's why the large voter turn out. Make America And Israel Great Again 2018!

Sol says:

снова сделай америку

Sol says:

Putin goes to a hotel,

Putin on the Ritz….

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