🇷🇺 Russian elections: Putin expected to win fourth term as president | Al Jazeera English

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Polls have opened in Russia’s presidential election, which is widely expected to hand Vladimir Putin a fourth term in power – meaning he could lead the country until 2024.

According to Russia’s constitution, no president can run beyond two consecutive terms, but it is unclear who will emerge to replace Putin.

Al Jazeera’s Laurence Lee reports from Moscow.

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Joyce Lau Lee See says:

Great man Putin

Raushan Zameer says:

Russian policy is one man show, US has advantage because it is countries policy which works no matter whoever takes the presidency. Now this is the last term for the Putin, it will be interested to see who will carry this legacy, otherwise Russia will find it difficult in the international arena.

Александр Тараданов says:

Welcome to the club, mr. „President”.
Vladimir Putin, Russia 2000 – …
Paul Biya, Cameroon, 42 years
Teodoro Mbasogo, Equatorial Guinea, 38 years
Denis Nguesso, Republic of the Congo, 33 years
Yoweri Museveni, Uganda, 32 years
Omar al-Bashir, Sudan, 28 years
Idriss Deby, Chad, 27 years
Isiais Afwerki, Eritrea, 26 years
Paul Kagame, Rwanda, 23 years

Artem Hey says:

Putin does not care about Russia, most people in Russia live in poverty.

BobsArtGallery says:

Congratulations Putin…Congratulations Russia..I can´t imagine Russia without Putin, and I can´t imagine the whole world without Putin..Who else will put USA and Britain their place…Lol

godz illest says:

heres a fckin leader who does what he says..

vu dat says:

Ez election putin said :V

Ramin Amiri says:

In a fair Russian election, Saudi king would have won this election.

Natalia King says:

Putin is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kostas 555 says:

The greatest leader of our life time and he is on our side, We the people, Long live mr Putin. All the best.

Adolf Hitler says:


polygamous1 Sozou says:

Breaking news Foul play the CIA rigged the Russian elections n Mr Putin the Great won who will be next? could be the man the west "loves the best" to make them ALL wish it was Mr Putin again welcome the new 2023 Russian president Mr Zhirinoski n his unbeatable unstoppable nuclear powered nuclear armed Russian cruise n ICBMs missiles that is if we are not all blown up b4 then

spoke1183 says:

Love for PUTIN from USA

guest says:

All the Trumptards can congratulate Putin since they are such big fans of Vladie.

Bryce Antony Franco da Silva says:

Who didn’t expect him to win?

Mike Tauf says:

Biased al aljazeera as usual

Alex Bajan says:

Russians are casting their ballots in the presidential election, as polls opened from the Far East region of Kamchatka to the western exclave of Kaliningrad. Eight candidates are vying for the post of president.
The vote will last for a total of 22 hours, as Russians across all the country’s 11 time zones, spanning from Kamchatka and Chukotka in the East to the westernmost enclave of Kaliningrad, will be heading to polls on Sunday.

First polling stations welcomed early voters at 8:00 am local time [20:00 GMT] on Saturday in Kamchatka and Chukotka regions, followed by the island of Sakhalin an hour later. In Moscow, the voting started nine hours later, at 5:00 am GMT, and will proceed until the polls close at 8:00 pm

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