🇷🇺 Russia’s Ksenia Sobchak announces new party before election | Al Jazeera English

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Victory is virtually inevitable for Vladimir Putin in Russia’s presidential election on Sunday.

But there are seven other challengers on the ballot.

One is reality TV star Ksenia Sobchak, an opposition candidate whose political programme is seen as close to Kremlin’s due to family connections.

She’s held a rally in Moscow, and announced she’ll create a new liberal party.

Al Jazeera’s Jonah Hull reports from Moscow.

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Aaron Colusso says:

'Russian Democracy'. Now there's an oxymoron if I've ever heard one.

Lone Warrior says:


Marge onthat says:

Evita Peron of all the Russias ! (no ?)

junaed hossain biddut says:

she is an idiot. a dirty party girl will be the president of Russia? is this a joke?

Off Da Hook says:

sample of a prostitute

Nutrollio Nutz says:

Women make poor leaders, she will destroy Russia.

Stephen Grahn says:

Wow this has got to be a big joke. This lady does not even have the endorsement of her Mother. How can she really be the opposition to Putin? She is way prettier than him

Simplex city says:

You must be stupid to think Russians give up the motherland an idiot like you!!!

Mark Jacob says:

Time for Putin and his Russian Orthodox church to go..

Mark Jacob says:

If she wins, I can see her and Trump in bed together talking about ruling the whole world together

D Swaggins says:

Don't elect the jews Russia they will ravage your country and steal everyone's shekels then turn all your people against each other.just look at Europe and America.you should Stalin them instead

levinwonderland says:

"Elections", lol

Alfredo Salvador Musmeci Fernández says:

If these are the kind of adversaries… Demofarcy for everybody!

Ipaayonk says:

Russia election is fake as it gets
Russia is ruled by Jewish oligarchy

Kenny house says:

Haha russians are as dumb as America

Superstar Golds says:

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