🇸🇾 Syria’s war: Offensives on Afrin and Ghouta continue | Al Jazeera English

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Russia says more than 7,000 civilians have left Eastern Ghouta in the past few hours. This comes after a Russian air raid on the besieged Syrian enclave killed 70 people.

Bombs hit a market in the town of Kafar Batna, within rebel-held Eastern Ghouta.

The Syrian government and its allies launched an offensive to capture the area months ago.

Further north, Turkish-led forces are preparing to attack the city of Afrin, where the UN says 48,000 people have been displaced.

Al Jazeera’s Alan Fisher reports from the Turkish-Syrian border.

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Hama- ZeroCool says:

Fack all Turks and Fack those who protect them . Fack USA for not supporting Kurds, Kurds should no longer fight IS but Fight USA

WRX says:

They are bombs thrown by assad

mohammed mo says:

Kurdisch ✌✌✌

Ugandan Knuckles says:

we all know that YPG uses them as human shields. this is just propaganda

Hot Vines says:

Propaganda against Great Turkey. Good job Al Jazeera.

Hashimoto Altai says:

Difference between assad and Turkey: assad only kills civilians, bombs hospitals, market places, schools etc, uses chemical weapons; Turkey uses ground troops in populated regions, doesnt bomb polulated regions, risks the lives of soldiers to avoid civilian causalities.

Shilonious Monk says:

Nice smoke bomb and dummies. Those are not dead bodies you pieces of trash.

Javedur Rahman says:

Ya Allah please help those people who are suffering .Ameen

Bora Ertan says:

Those civilians were slaughtered by pkk to blackmail turkey

Mesopotamian Kurd says:

Turks big time terrorists

thomek thom says:

let's go to Germany ,magic word = asylum , Germany is glad about every new guest

Dimitri Dimitriou says:

Turkey is the most terrorist country of all the times

V12 POWER says:

Before you say 'fake news' if the Vietnam or bosnian war was happening now, would you call that fake?

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