🇺🇸 ‘Cambridge Analytica harvested data of 50 million Facebook users’ | Al Jazeera English

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The attorney general for the US state of Massachusetts says he will investigate how millions of Facebook profiles were harvested by a US firm called Cambridge Analytica.

It was employed by President Donald Trump’s election campaign to provide personal details of potential voters.

Newspaper reports say details from 50 million profiles were gathered, but the users did not know.

Al Jazeera’s Rob Matheson reports.

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GIspecialty says:

obama did the same thing and nutjob maxine waters was bragging about it. GO TRUMP!!

Margaret Womacque says:

Data mining was how Obama gained the media in 2012 — see article in 2013 NYT where Obama Bragg's and media thought he was a genius for using info from Facebook. Cambridge did same thing with info given by Facebook for conservative issues — conservative use is a crime now? Cambridge is Koch brothers and Google is Soros.

Blockchain Bot. says:

Facebook and Cambridge is disgusting.

Blockchain Bot. says:

You must agree to this terms to comments. Yelp.

outbacktrek says:

never give windows10 nor fb your picture…. (Y)

deepbigeyes says:

Boycott Facebook! Cancel! It's proven to be bad for your health anyway.

Vada Ann says:

Facebook is an arm of the CIA. If they leaked it was because the CIA wanted them to.

Chrisgopee says:

Wasn’t Al Jazeera a terrorist network

stefanos2691 says:


Woody Benson says:

Is this the real face of the DNC's Russian meddling?

Golem Pek says:

facebook is founded by jews , does it make facebook haram ??? 🙂

Naa Naa says:

There is no privacy anywhere if you are using Internet anywhere. We all should know that.

Mark Mywords says:

AlJazeera's agenda:
Trump = bad
Putin = bad
refugees = good
borders (in the western countries) = bad
patriotism (in the western countries) = bad

Something Else says:

Grow Google and Facebook. And then cut off internet neutrality. What will be after Jewish NATO will build base around the world and Jews in Russia destroy Russia? Middle East will be the next or every non-Jews who do not like Jewish criminals who look like a businesman?

Something Else says:

The world needs the new social networks without Jewish hands. For example, map service where every all countries make together the maps of each other and have copies of data. I do not like how organisations under Jews control or influence collect data and build military bases around the world. Russia, USA, Ukraine, UK, EU… MAybe after WWII Japan and S.Korea also under influence of Jewish business. Did you saw how Nissan Moiseev arrived in Kyiv in hidden way on the plane of Rithenbergs with Medvedchuk to do own business in Ukraine? Imagine how other Jews could make business we all do not know.

So, Jews occupy Ukraine. Jews with various citizenships.

Mandela Onchwati says:

Cambridge Analytical nearly burnt kenya in 2017.Propelled ethnic war.
The individuals involved should be jailed.

Something Else says:

Facebook and Google, two Jewish social networks. Google, Facebook, NATO… Someone say sky net will be build? It is already in the process on build. In future non-Jews will be under Israel control, if no one kick out ceartain Jews in Israel or another country. Why mass media do not say Russian Jews, Ukrainian Jews, US Jew, UK Jew, German Jew? For Israel any Jew is Jew. But non-Jews can not have multiple citizenships like Jews. An average Jews Israel can use as the topic for the news about antisemitism. It is why Israel can refuse citizenship for some Jews from another countries. Look at Kolomoiskyi and othe big Jews in Ukraine, for example. That is all you need to know. Jews are very tricky. They have Israel, but still want conquer other countries. Look at Russia, Ukraine, UK, USA, EU. Near almost all leaders you can find the Jew. Putin – Rothenbeergs. Poroshenko – Kolomoiskyi and Groisman. Trump – maybe Goldman Sachs, Soros, Rothschilds. Look at Chernovetskyi. He was also in Ukraine, but jump in Israel after he stolen money from Ukrainians. Now he is in Georgia (a country). Thebigest synagogue in the world was built in Ukraine, the poorest country in the world. And look who are there control the covernemnt, mobile networks, a banks, TV channels… Who built shoping mall under central cquare in Kyiv? It is Jew. Who built another shoping mall on North of Kyiv? It is Jew. Christianity is Jewish religion with Jewish god. Just try to swap Ukrainians and Jews to see the situation. It would like Ukrainian religion with Ukrainian god in Israel. Ukrainians owned TV channels in Israel and tell 'we Jews do smt.', Ukrainians owned mobile network in Israel. A half of Israeli parliament consists of Ukrainians. Israeli people vote for Ukrainians, but thing they are Jews. Ukrainians bought the land of Israel. Ukrainians built shoping mall in the center of the capital of Israel. Maybe now people in the world can understand the problem in Ukraine and Palestine? Twp different countries, but they have Jews. By the way, Germans aslo did not like ceartain Jews.
Also, look at spread of communism in Russia, China, Korea and spread of Jews. How many people in the world know about Jewish Autonomous region in Russia? How many people in the world know that the region and commuism in North China and Korea started about in 1930's. The region was started after WWI. I think, it was far away from Germans. How many Jews was in Japan and Korea before the wars and now?
If Trump or Putin will start the war, it will mean that Jews of USA, Russia, UK, EU, Ukraine want to delete non-Jews by colliding us with each other.

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