🇺🇸 Florida: Pedestrian bridge collapse kills at least 4 | Al Jazeera English

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A pedestrian bridge has collapsed on to a busy highway in the US state of Florida, killing at least four people.

Vehicles are trapped under the wreckage at Florida International University.

The pedestrian bridge had only been erected at the university on Saturday. It was due to be formally opened next year.

Al Jazeera’s Barbara Angopa reports.

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Aaron Colusso says:

Who built that bridge? Prison time, now.

Michael Zimmermann says:

Awww. Boo hoo.

LaosBuffalo says:

The Chinese are laughing

Jokester30 says:

Tax cuts for 1% could have paid for infrastructure

M_A896 pak says:

Made in USA

Nedko Nedev says:

It is questionable if America will survive the next 2 decades.

Nedko Nedev says:

The Russians did it.

J Loftus says:


Mark M says:

American quality.

mo weike says:

Made in USA

Deschutes Maple says:

Very tragic. That this has happened to a new bridge in USA is indicative of the long standing deep inner rot and corruption of a country which is always trying to cut costs, cut corners, cut taxes, and privatize everything.

but2star says:

Made in USA.

Ron Weber says:

The Left will want to ban people from using bridges.

iCitizen Hart says:

Florida pedestrian bridge collapsed because the cement was not given enough time to CURE ???

BiddieTube says:

What do you expect for over $14,000,000.00 us dollars, and accelerated construction method.
The CRIMINAL CASE,… Yes!! Who got all that fourteen million, and what did they do with it? Taxpayers sure like getting ripped off. Almost certainly, the construction company was chosen in a Closed Bid situation, and likely only one company was selected to bid, and likely they were told, "Bid anything you desire, as we will approve your bid no matter what". For the cost of each foot of this bridge, someone could have had a nice home in a nice neighborhood. This has to be the most expensive bridge by the foot ever constructed, and it is only a Pedestrian Bridge!

Pharaoh Chin says:

A lot’s been going on in Florida as of late I see.

All about the future راتلونکی په اره says:

Hahaha. Learn that in china Mr US

GTA V Decoders says:

Pretty much like US foreign policy

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