🇺🇸 Trump Organization ‘subpoenaed for Russia documents’ | Al Jazeera English

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The investigation into whether the Kremlin meddled in the 2016 election is now turning its attention directly to President Donald Trump’s business interests.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has reportedly subpoenaed the Trump Organization to hand over documents.

Al Jazeera’s Patty Culhane reports from Washington, DC.

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Chris Garman says:

The horse was dead months ago, stop beating it already.

David Rivera says:

Ladies and Gentlemen it's called overstepping Robbies job was Russia collusion only

ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

müller was installed by trump stop crying trumpys

Something Else says:

Does it matter? On both side we can see various Jews – Rithenbergs, Kolomoiskyi, Goldman Sachs, Soros, Rothschilds & etc. Curious how Israel ignore all those crimes of Kolomoiskyi, Rothenbergs and other such Jews in Ukraine and Russia. Israel does not want to recognize Jewish communists crimes. UK created new Israel. USA helps new Israel.
Israel hide/ does not speak about Jewish crimes in entire history, as USA, EU, Russia, Ukraine… They all keep silence.
Al Jazeera, you know my posts about Fuchs was true. Now you can read Israeli websites about Ukraine and certain Jews in Ukraine and see the difference.

avalon449 says:

Muller is a left wing operative hack.

Artanis says:

The Trumps been involved in racketeering & money laundering for years every one and there mother in New York knows this. But hey as long as he has support from his alt right millennials and opioid addicted whites along the Rust Belt.

David Foster says:

"Please send us any and all information necessary to indict you on conspiracy to commit treason." Yeah, like THAT'S gonna happen!

Raven Quest says:

#WeThePeople are so freakin TIRED of paying for this #FAKE Investigation. They're just trying to delay the inevitable #ShameTrain to #GITMO

David Foster says:

I don't know what they expect to learn.. I mean, it's not as if the Trump organization never heard of paper shredders!

john kennedy says:

laughable. This is the establishment throwing a temper tantrum that could lead to further global war. At long last, have you no sense of decency?

Ddd Kkk says:

special council has expired. No valid law

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