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Leaders of South East Asian countries have expressed “grave concerns” about the situation on the Korean Peninsula, at a summit held in Sydney. The militarisation of the South China Sea, trade and counterterrorism were also discussed at the ASEAN leaders’ meeting, hosted – for the first time – by Australia.

Al Jazeera’s Andrew Thomas reports from Sydney.

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Vinay Kumar says:

Keep talking and China will keep doing it.

Marklin Ho says:

thank you Al Jazeera for covering this! australia's a beautiful place to visit at least once in your life =) sydney, melbourne or gold coast would be a good start and after that your next few visits could include perth and tasmania etc.

Xtain Dion says:

Good to see Great Australia take over Japanese and made in China fake product………Mean while Burma leader must face war crime

Shafi ud-din Muhammad says:

Aung Clown fucky detected!

UighurKnight says:

Arrest that genocidal woman from Burma.

Nantz Stein says:

Oh look a criminal amongst them !

ettekamba6969 says:

Australia is a stolen lands by the British.its original owners are African.the aborigines blacks like America and S Africa.Australia go and bomb China like always.idiots criminals

ShAdOwMaN says:

When will ASEAN become EU?

samuel paul says:

China's rise is similar to imperial Japan's rise

wadafik says:

What could Australia possibly want from these countries?

Unknown Blogger says:

Huh, all leaders didn't realize they take pictures with a mass murderer.

Anna Ulysses says:

Najib, where's my money? You thief!

viva padrepio says:

Make America And Israel Great Again 2018!

Chino Little says:

Australia has taken the right decision . China's rise is synonymous with corruption , constitutional slavery , plagiarism , manipulative trade practices , currency manipulation just to say the least . It's high time world wakes up to Evil China and protect itself before the devil engulfs the international order.

Bingku Xyavong says:

I don't see how some Asean members can divert any interest and development with China Belt and Road that is already moving further ahead of Australia and the U.S. In another word. Both Australia and U.S are too slow and nothing is progressing in that future development and security. Both seem to only focus on specific Asean members that is already well off then the other members. This will only create division among Asean and that is what the U.S and Australia are trying to do.

Toni ToO HuMaN says:

Australia is a joke country,mimiking the USA

jakesweet1000 says:

as an aussie, i couldn't care less about the protests

Thinh Nguyễn says:

You crazzzy , isis
Those Vietnamese 3 line flag protester are NOT from VN
They're American children

senator agrapa says:

the Singapore monkey.. wtf doing there?…he wants only prostitutes …

Jarren Ong says:

Nice to see so many corrupt leaders

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