A psychologist, atheist, and Christian discuss God

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Christian philosopher Dr. William Lane Craig, psychology professor Dr. Jordan Peterson, and philosopher and author Dr. Rebecca Newberger Goldstein discuss God. You can watch the full event here: youtu.be/pDDQOCXBrAw

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Andrew Benner says:

With very witty and logical driven arguments coming from women like Shoe on head, Roaming Millennial, Lauren Southern and Camille Paglia taken into consideration, this Naturalist doctor has done a poor job at everything except making very estrogen driven emotional arguments.

Aaron Boyer says:

The IQ of one of these is not like the other.

Tick Tock Tick Tock says:

8:30…….Surprised There wasn’t blood running down Dr JBP chin from biting his lip. His heads down probably thinking “This broad does not deserve to be on this stage”


So much intellectual potential squandered on bickering over an abstract, mind-made concept.

viermidebutura says:

. Morality is not transcedental… it evolved with the standards of living

Heck if you read the bible you'll see the evolution of morality… And i bet if the writing co tinued up to tecent times it would include anti slavery and civil rights…

khatack says:

Why did they have to bring in that stupid woman to represent atheists?

Spooper says:

I really wish W.L. Craig wasn't the Christian representative. I'm familiar with his work, and he is a brilliant man (with some holes in his method), but a proper theologian would have been a great counter-part. Douglas Wilson, equally as controversial and probably about as well read in the same vein and JBP. His blog (dougwils.com/) is probably the smartest Christian on culture out there. Not joking!

Human Being says:

This was hard to watch. Too much cringe.

Drapetomanius Grimr says:

Craig and Goldstein argue to win the game; Peterson is playing to win the set of all possible games.

Joshua Cherry says:

This is why I am believer. Moral progress is only possible on theism. Moral change is all that happens on athiesm.

What a wandering circle of a double speak woman.

Jesus Christ says:

God IS good? That’s a cop out. “Good” is an attribute of something. Declaring that god IS “good” is like declaring your car IS fast. no, "fast" is an attribute, it's not something the car IS. likewise, "good" is an attribute, its not what god IS.

David Herrera says:

Everyone… Go watch the original (link in the description). It includes their introductions.

Samsgarden says:

Atheists: We accept purposeful behaviour and axiomatic principles. All purposeful behaviour and axiomatic principles come into existence ex nihilo

Esteban_Gunn says:

"Being is suffering tainted by malevolence. So what's the meaning? There's pain to alleviate. There's chaos to confront. There's order to establish and revivify. And there's evil to constrain – not least in our own hearts. And that's meaning enough for everyone."

moonasha says:

that woman is really good at saying a whole lot of nothing in as many words as possible. Holy crap, it was annoying listening to her talk. And jesus christ! How many times is she going to bring the holocaust up?! We get it! 39:20 why is this bitch cutting into his answer to a question HE was asked?

G Reyes says:

Guys, this discussion was basically the holocaust.

Fayenwolf says:

It's crazy how secular "Jews™" love to adopt the group-identity to hide from criticism, or to seek empathy from others for the holocaust, yet ask them who the Twelve Tribes of Israel are, or what's in the Torah or Talmud and you get a blank stare.

#notrealjews #syanagougeofsatan

Jujubeans says:

Jordan Peterson is a Christian as well just FYI. He states in several of his talks a lot of his findings and observations stem from his belief.

david19mx says:

OMG! That woman is unbearable!!

jwbam167 says:

Atheists lose my attention soon as they blame suffering on religion while disregarding its human nature.

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