BREAKING: Police Make URGENT Plea To The Public – Lockdown Could Be MANDATORY!

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Frank Lea for the Daily Vine reports, It has been a heart wrenching and traumatic two weeks as multiple explosives have detonated in the same city, leaving people injured or worse, as families, friends, and law enforcement seek to determine an answer and put an end to the radical terror that’s destroying communities in Austin, Texas.

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James Rodrigue says:

The Left is orchestrating violence against minorities in order to create civil division and violence. Media will not admit and report it.The liberals deny it, and the afraid of their shadows Conservatives are afraid to do or say anything. We are becoming a country of wimps and cowards!!!

What Grandma Thinks about it says:

I can just see a false flag at the local police departments happening. This will pull at the heart strings of the American people and bring praise to the law enforcement agencies. Even though the cops have already made it clear that they are not accountable to the American citizens. They have joined the mayors and have refused to obey the duly elected president of the USA. But the Trump administration is very intent on “licking their boots.”

R. Bethesdah says:

My bets are on the proud boys. I'll bet it's them. Went to school with alot of people that are now the San Antonio chapter and they're a bunch of moronic burn outs who started by sitting in bars with prodominantly lib clientele and instigating fights. Wouldn't be much of a stretch that such behavior evolving into domestic terror on black homes I actually know for fact that the sa chapter is built of moronic racists.

Daniel Thomason says:

And that's who's doing it all is the liberal idiots from South by southwest that or piled in one area…

Jami B says:

So does that mean 2 were black, and 2 were white? So why the racism crap?

Reper1483 says:

ANTIFA is responsible take them down problem goes away. THESE are false flag attacks designed to start race wsr.

kevinfet says:

I like how it may be considered racially motivated. So if it were against 3 white people it would just be a bombing. Liberal media makes me sick.

M Schoenfuss says:

It’s democraps doing this.

Kelly Martin says:

It's a terrorist act

K R says:

Just shows guns aren't the only problem. It's the people behind the crime.

LouLou Lou says:

Now what? Demwits trying to start hate crimes by murdering people and make them think it was White Supremests or Nazis? This has got to stop. I would put nothing past ANTIFA or Demonrats.

Jody says:

Revenge on Alex Jones and his supporters.

craxd1 says:

Mirroring the Weather Underground. I'd start looking at those with ties to Antifa.

Cat Holic says:

Part of the Jewish package!

Robert Stephens says:

Where are the helpful porch package thieves when you need them?

Nasty Nate says:

Fuck the police

Mary Williams says:

Thanks for the heads up. That's one reason we should not be defenseless. An evil heart would use any means to kill multiple people at once or few at a time.

Tresa Lamb says:


Mkki 3D15 says:

"3 Terrible Packages", sounds like a best seller…

Jon Hawkins says:

Democrats have upped their game, are they going to ban explosives or cardboard

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