BREAKING: Trump Just TRASHED Failed Governor Jerry Brown – There is no walking away from this one!

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Cristina Laila for the Gateway Pundit reports, President Trump arrived in San Diego, CA Tuesday afternoon to inspect the eight border wall prototypes. President Trump trashed ultra-liberal Governor Jerry Brown on Tuesday.

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michael mooney says:

jerry brown for gitmo now

Moreawake Now says:

Political theater! The drugs coming through Mexico also come out of Afghanistan where he's growing opium poppies. He could stop those by making the troops carry flamethrowers to destroy the opium instead of M16 to protect the opium.!

Alan Cromer says:


Sam McCormack says:

Why aren't the criminals in power being arrested? Tired of hearing about their criminal behavior yet nothing happens. Did anyone ever consider that jerry brown is defending his part in the drug and human trafficking rings?

Becca says:

Governor Brown is at war with California citizens, and needs to be Arrested for breaking Federal Law!

Blue Cobra says:

thats right jerry brown is a creep that needs a big fat kick in the a## and thrown away for good. Never to be seen from again.

Don Milligan says:

jerry brown stain on the shorts of California needs to be wiped off and flushed down the swamp drain

donald breaux says:

Brown now is talking War like he's A President. Truth is he never will be and is why he is pushing for the splitting up of the state of California . I say escort Brown to the border and let him find residency in Tijuana!

mark davison says:

Conservatives in CA need the state of NEW CALIFORNIA to be created.

I see Ewe says:

As a Californian native, I detest Jerry Brown, I hope that he is brought down and imprisoned, we don't like to be treated as second class citizens while illigals are given the red carpet.

Rachel Coffing says:

It's not just Brown stain… It's all Democraps…

Gary Clevenger says:

altruistic narcissism!

Nicolas says:

California state administrations are so corrupt , they should be under guardianship for a couple of years .

RooFx says:

I figure if the nation makes a move against any city or entity which actions support Agenda 21 or 30, the UN could get involved.
How much.. who knows but it is not just Cali which pushes this bs.

Marilyn Trevino says:

Nice tie Gary. God work!

captainjerk says:

The gravy-train is coming to a halt!
Looks like it's time for Gov Brown to get a job as a Walmart greeter! LOL

Forrest Weaver says:

That’s why I left California two years ago. I had enough of that communist state.

Jason White says:

Moonbeam, a cop killing illegal immigrant came within a mile of my home while he was on a rampage in 2014. And this guy you shelter? Get out!

Bub_ Lite_63 says:

The governor of California needs to be hanged.

Darryl Conte says:

Trump should that California is a shithole like literary

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