Church shooter’s sister arrested after social media post

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Her brother, Dylann Roof, is on death row for shooting nine black churchgoers.


Chyna says:

smh gotta throw the whole family away

Okaytina says:

I guess shooting runs in the family….

Leo Zaza says:

Her comments about black people. Are people still that racist in America? Sad.

D ultimate dav24k says:

His sister is cute am sure it's a black guy that's gonna get it later.

Tabs T says:

She figured she'd get burger king and a pat on the back aswell. Whilst the cops wait outside.

Christopher Robin says:

Morgan is beautiful. XoXo

John Boy says:

It wasn’t the same community in South Carolina. This was in Columbia, not Charleston.

Sabrina Adam says:

Why hasn’t anyone talked about the parents?? Clearly they are raising hate filled and dangerous kids!!

jenlans says:

What did she do illegal? I thought weed was legal there now. I'm just asking because I have no idea what she was arrested for.

Aaron Lopata says:

She obviously was a drug dealer with pepper spray and knife

that boi juan says:

Don’t kill him , make him suffer

Zach Hailey says:

she’s kinda cute tho lmfao

James Fulmer says:

We don't have a gun problem in America, we have a parenting problem!

Henk Seegers says:

They’re all fk psychopaths

Ashley Carey says:

Damn can only imagine how FUCKED UP these Kid's PARENTS are!!

Marvel Jones says:

Man who cares what that little bi*** say cause it's one thing about this one nice as hit will kill that little girl, you see she only play boy cause she is in a nice neighborhood lol, put that bi*** around some Blacks and some Latinos I bet they kick the living sh** out of her real talk.

Mike says:

Put the bitch to death!

Starlight says:

evil brother evil sister

MrROKinROK says:

I'm normally loath to blame parents for the behavior of a child, but in this case, someone may wanna look into this particular household.

Joey Joyner says:

“Sees something about racism”… “avoids comment section”..

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