Dad survives son’s murder plot that killed mom and brother: 20/20 Part 2

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Bart Whitaker said he had himself shot as part of his plan, saying, “It was to distance me from the guilt.”


calvin Fan says:

The father doesnt seem sad his wife and son died

Jacob Williams says:

What happened to the ski mask riddled with dna?

Mr Grim says:

Was it a hitman?

Help me reach 100 subscribers with no videos! ! says:

how did the cops not find the ski mask that the das said he was wearing??


This is creepy

Jadens life. says:

Some of these white folk sus af, then he tried to blame a black did lmao. Death penalty for him

Tre Jones says:

“Maybe black” wow

Qeyshawn Michael says:

U don't deserve to live, should've jus killed urself instead of the family

Fred Crewneck says:

It be your own family

Kama's Queen says:

Texas death row

where part

ruckus 33 says:

@4:30 lady it’s a magazine not a clip

warrior Dog says:

Sick white people….blaming a Black Person, has been their defense, ….

Rockstar North says:

Seems about white

Jasper Bushey says:

Boi she just called a magazine a clip

MrCheese Monkey says:

0:23 why did the woman sound like Donald trump

Aron May says:

How could you possibly forgive something like that? You've got to be insane.

Shimbira Laaye says:

May be Black ….. Why do you hate us guys

TitanDestroyer says:

Your son is white

Joyleen Poortier says:

Don't you think the father is suspicious. He had just lost his wife and son who were killed with won shot but he lived with one shot at close range. Then his son burt was wounded in the arm at close range. Now he is defending his son who killed his wife and other son. It all sounds suspicious to me.

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