Unfriendly skies: Dad, toddler kicked off of flight, and other recent airline issues

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A father and his 2-year-old daughter were recently removed from a Southwest Airlines flight, and one woman’s dog died after being placed in an overhead bin during a United flight.


Break the mould says:

If people insist on using these irlines, then prepare to face consequences! Stop using them, the troubles end
Erm, ma'am, there is a dog in the dog holding bag….What part did she not understand? Are they going to pay for the dog, replace it…French bulldogs cost a bomb

Kay Hay says:

This makes me sick,!!!! Bullshit the flight attendant didn't know there was a dog in the carrier!!!!!!??

J says:

Bullshit! That flight attendant knew there was a dog in that bag. She just didn’t care. Horrible witch.

jiu jai says:

I guess I’ll just swim to travel

admin7315 says:

So sick of airlines treating us like the enemy. How stupid could you be to not even check on your dog during the flight? Sorry not sorry

Oscar Wilde says:

Sweet dad tries to calm down his daughter = belligerent passenger; WTF

Ann Hugo says:

American airlines know jackshit about flying and hospitality . No wonder they 're trying so hard to ban Emirates and the lot..

Luftunsa Nation says:

Fuck south west and United there both fucked up air lines stop being cheap and fly with a real airline. Try delta or America and if your flying over seas try Lufthansa.

Blackjudah says:

The white man is the greatest damn liar on the planet, that family clearly told that bitch it was a dog in there smdh gtfoh

Kat P says:

Thats ridiculous

Bowesr Koopa says:

What about that 8 year old who screamed for 8 hours

Inyalabudbud Punjabbidaliwad says:

Children less than about 10 years should be banned from airline travel. Nothing worse than having a screaming little shit for 4 hours. The little monster UM’s should be fair game for an ass whooping by any adult. Saw a female Golden Retriever pissing behind a bulkhead divider on a flight. Corrosion from acidic dog piss that leaks it’s way to the inner belly, is such a wonderful hazard……and it’s impossible to stop…..except ban all animals, the way it used to be. America inches closer and closer to Third World status when you start carrying your pet with you. Remember the pigs and chickens on a bus in “Romancing The Stone” ?
Hey ……what about my pet “Snake On A Plane”….I need him for emotional support!! Lol

Connie Honsinger says:

She's lying straight faced. They told her there was a dog in there multiple times. She needs to be stuffed up there and see if she lives to see the light of day after a LONG flight

Connie Honsinger says:


Greg dan says:

Bullshit what liars. They new there was a dog.

Whane The Whip says:

I like how Sara Nelson, Union President of the Assoc of Flight attendants completely fucking ignores the facts as seen in this video in order to defend the attendants. She's on twitter.

gorilla twist says:


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