Why progressives attacked Sargon of Akkad

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BonesTheCat says:

Why does Sommers always get referred to as "a self-declared feminist" when every other feminist is just a feminist?

Take Off Your Blinkers says:

When you have less chance at facing a jail sentence for raping and torturing schoolgirls than speaking offensively, you know the left have absolutely flipped the lid on reality…

Sam says:

why dost thee conflate the german workers national socialist party of the 1930s and 40s to the alt-right of contemporary times?

Ryan Long says:

No kidding, I'm liberal, I'm gay, I spent years fighting for gay rights, I took women's studies and LGBT studies in college. Not only are SJWs just as horrible to me than they are to anyone on the right, they have been horrible for years. I've been getting lied about and abused by them for almost a decade now. They were like this before the "alt-right", before "gamergate", before any of the recent media controversies.

Rolf Mützelburg says:

I find the "Nazis are right wing" thing to be silly. The ayatollah of Iran is far right wing. The Pope is a far right figurehead. The royalists are right wing. Any religious radical, or ideology that roots its authority or morality on a religious faith is right wing. Liberalism and the many sub sets of it, including socialism and communism are LEFT WING.

National Socialists were Socialists. Their Nationalist leaning while important are not unique to them, and are not unique to right wingers. Nationalism is a manifestation of tribalism. Something synonymous with all humans regardless of their political views. The Bolsheviks were nationalistic, extolling the glory of the Soviet Union. Just because they were globalists did not mean they were not nationalists as well, because their version of globalization placed them at the top.

Nationalism is not right wing. Socialism is not right wing. The Nazis were not right wing. This is just an attempt to prove horseshoe theory, by juxtaposing the most violent rivalry (Nazis vs Bolsheviks) as an example of right and left extremes being the same. While it would be poetic, it is not true. The Nazis and Communists had so much in common because they were two versions of the same thing.

That is why fascists and anti-fascists look so similar: They literally are the same: They are both manifestations of collectivist authoritarianism. The same used in Nazi Germany, and Communist Russia. There is no identifiable difference other than the tribe they associate with.

BrockLeyland says:

Clickbait title.

Adam Smith says:

I wish everyone would just leave poor Sargon's wife's son out of this

@c30f$p@d3z says:

The state helps enable this.

It acts as a not so quite apparent (as in to the general population) "force-field" for these people to reside behind, attack and then retreat behind.

It isnt a coincidence that the same American political left was bombing (over 2500 bombings), hijacking, kidnapping & planning the ambush execution of law enforcement in ' protest ' all through the late 60s to early 70s, and that the majority of them were never charged or punished.

This leaves the attacked, injured/violated, silenced, losing and with all three justifiably resentful.

If the building resent isnt resolved and some reasonable appearance of equal rights (expression, assembly, etc) through law & order isnt established, The Peoples anger toward their aggressors will reach fever pitch, and the state will be seen as enabler and bumbling management presence. With that, the states ability to provide order for the repeatedly wronged will be seen as invalid, and those getting less rightfully will begin to act in full for themselves.

The right largely begins to be punished just for publicly expressing their ideas, while the left is repeatedly gifted a "well, look what you made them do with their feelings" approach.

Will Nitschke says:

The decline of religiosity in the West has lead to a moral vacuum of sorts. The Far Left are composed of those who would have been religious fundamentalists a century ago. Certain people cannot live and let live. It's important that they express and try to impose their self righteous sanctimony. It's not about empathy. That's their cover.

Jennifer Glenn says:

What, two videos in the same day…thank u!!! Even though I have the notifications turned on, I don’t always get them so I check your channel every damn day because of always looking forward to the great content you produce! I appreciate all the time and work u put into your videos as they are top notch, and there is no doubt that u are truly talented! You are doing important work, and for that I am grateful. Have a great rest of the week!

David Dykeman says:

excellent thank you

glardian966 says:

"SJW" Definition:
Egotistical narcissistic man-children on a self righteous mission to create a moral facade of a high ground in a pathetic attempt to feel better about themselves and to look down on everyone else because after all, implied sarcasm your morally inferior to them.

Matthew Kovar says:

left loves to balkanize

Absolute History says:

These are religious words like Witch, Pagan and Heathen they dont mean anything and are derogatory ad hominem attacks that say more about the ones commit the verbal assault then it does to the people they are trying to describe, not ironically they actually wind up telling us more about themselves then the do about who they are trying to describe.

bryoneill11 says:

What the logo means or stand for?

Constantly Correct says:

Whoa. Big knowledge bomb at 3:45 ish. I'm paraphrasing: "College kids today have lived coddled, sheltered, participation trophy sort of a life up to this point and have never had to deal with any sort of actual conflict before…. And thus lash out, yell, scream, throw tantrums etc etc whenever they have a disagreement."

They have no practice at conflict resolution. Yep. Wow. Mind blown. Amazing realization.

Mac F says:

Aaahhhh, Club Penguin. Twas a simpler time.

Robert Johnson says:

I disagree with your position on empathy. It's not unchecked empathy that is the culprit. It's stupid and unthoughtful sympathy that is. The empathetic person who is also experienced and reflective will likely recognize that in their own life it has been struggling against difficulty that has enabled growth, and so will hope for appropriate and helpful struggles to confront the ones they feel empathy for. But the stupidly and unthinkingly sympathetic person confuses their own unhealed hurts with what they perceive to be similar hurts that others are experiencing. And so, thought the SJWs claim that they are taking up the sword of righteousness on behalf of their oppressed brothers, sisters, and non-binary siblings who are not being cared for by society, the truth is that they're acting out revenge fantasies to comfort themselves for their unresolved disappointment at how they failed to remain the center of their parents attention beyond a certain age.

Jonny five says:

Big shot out to the baby boomers for raising such selfless, intelligent respectful SJW's… We really really appreciate the fruit of your Labour

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