🇫🇷 France’s Nicolas Sarkozy held over Gaddafi funding claims | Al Jazeera English

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Nicolas Sarkozy, the former French president, has been taken into police custody, where he is likely to be questioned within an investigation into suspected irregularities over his 2007 election campaign financing, according to local media reports.

The case is connected to accusations that Sarkozy received money from former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to fund his successful election bid in 2007, allegations he denies and has dismissed as “grotesque”.

Al Jazeera’s Natacha Butler reports from Paris.

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Htin Moe says:

Arabs and Africans should learn the lesson.


Htin Moe says:

He killed Gaddafi to destroy evidence of his corruption.

Just busting your balls says:

This is why North Korea built nukes.

dave goldfarp says:

typical pig dictator no more than that fools

dave goldfarp says:

Americans wanted him dead. and Saddam Hussein

Dustu Lok Vansih says:

Libya is just another state bombed for bringing democracy and later to be blamed as Terrorist state. So are Grenada, Afghanistan, Iraq and many more.

Roni says:

I have no doubt in my mind that he Received illegal funds from Ghadaffi may he RIP

NightWaves says:

Some don't remember Libya had investments in automobile manufacturers. Italy was one and it seems there were also French investments in business. Wouldn't doubt part of the attacks to ruin Libya was to take all the investments. Good thing Qatar laughed off loaning the Trumps money. Saudi isn't as smart though trained to think money buys all.

dave goldfarp says:

If gaddafi was so great why did his own people kill him in the arab spring?He was a butcher as well..better dead and hope of freedom…………

Phillip Lopez says:

Did Trump" rub knobs " with Kadafi . Didn't he let him raise his tent on his property in Manhatten .

Ben Alibaba says:

Les français sont des voleurs , des mafias , des assassins , des criminels qui tue les
chefs d'états Africains pour voler leurs pays , depuis des siècles c'est Afrique qui nourrir
ces cochons français au moyens de franc c f a l'instrument de pillage de leurs ressource
Africains , c'est les chefs d'états Africains qui finance la campagne présidentielle français

Honor says:

Hillary and Sarkozy pushed for NATO intervention We Know why Sarkozy wanted Gaddafi Dead. Why did Hillary want Gaddafi dead? What did Gaddafi have on Hillary?

vinm300 says:

Every French president since WW2 was a corrupt collaborator.
They all had mistresses and spent lots of money : there was an unwritten
rule that the media didn't mention it.
French politicians have always been as corrupt as Italian politicians.
It is just part of the landscape.
Sarkozy's best defence would be to point to all his predecessors.

Ali & the Fox says:

That's what they do best, when they finished with you they through you under the BUS or better feed you to the dogs.

amen says:

Libya was awesome now look what it is…

Africanpharaoh pharaoh says:

I hope he spends his life in jail Libya was beautiful before this demon bombed it to the stone age know the west are moaning about immigration this is gaddif ghost has came to hunt him back sakaozy is a demon he should be called saco wacko

Funki says:

Trump campaign might be funded by Saudi Arabia. I think an investigation is vital for this.

pete b says:

Can the Investigators find a connection with Tony Blair in all this as well just to prove how corrupt he really was

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