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The Iraqi city of Fallujah has a decades-long legacy of conflict. It was a major battlefield during the US invasion 15 years ago, and in more recent years, has experienced the trauma of ISIL rule.

The armed group was pushed out of Fallujah two years ago, but people are still dealing with the psychological scars.

Locals are trying to turn the page with a new campaign to commemorate the dead and move on from the past.

Al Jazeera’s Imran Khan reports from Baghdad.

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eifelitorn says:

for some reason some recent videos didn't appear on my feed o_O

MrNice Guy says:

Give it 15 more years and the S*nni’s will kill again. Savage dogs.

complicatedjason says:

so weird to hear islam and peace in the same sentence

phuck y'all says:

300 billion dollars in reperations that Iraq needs from the USA for all the destruction and lives ruined and killed.

E K says:

Great news that Iraq is developing again.

Hot Vines says:

America should leave Iraq now.

mahadzir abd karim says:

just kick out usazio troops/policies out from there.

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