🇷🇺 Russia: President Putin easily wins new 6-year term | Al Jazeera English

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Vladimir Putin has celebrated his victory in Russia’s presidential election with thousands of supporters in Moscow.

With more than 90 percent of the votes counted, Putin is projected to take 76 percent of the ballot.

He was always expected to win, but what was in question was how many people would vote in his favour.

His nearest competitor was Communist Party candidate, Pavel Grudinin, who came a very distant second with around 12 percent.

Soon after the first exit polls came out, Putin joined crowds in the Red Square.

Al Jazeera’s Laurence Lee reports from Moscow.

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Elvira Donaghy says:

Good Ad for Putin. Quit your griping you babies.

Gold K says:

Leaders are selected not elected. This voting thing you speak of doesn't and has never existed.

Cliff MacFarlane says:

The Scottish Independence referendum was rigged too… it's all over Youtube.

michael lennon says:

Voter fraud everybody knew that was going to happen

Carl Malone says:

Now commorade Dummy Don Douchebag and Putin can run the milky way galaxy.

TheIllusionelf says:

That film ironically displays weakness. Inferiority complex against blacks with power and gays in present. It just means Russians fear black people and secretly have gay thoughts. I mean if you are superior, why do you fear blacks with power? If you're straight, why do you fear a gay person's presence? This is why Russia will never be better than America. They are too afraid to grow and want to live the same way forever, hence Putin living in office.

TyrranicalT-Rad says:

have fun with your new emperor russia.

Alex Gomez says:

Putin in for another 6 years of conducting gangsterism.thievery and state sanctioned murders at freewill.

ercan kilic says:

Putin needs to be a Secret Service Chef of Russia not a President , People need a fresh Face someone more diplomatic and less cold war mentality Agent .

OceanBlue says:

That was shocking!…lol… Who was he running against?

Just_D!47YS3V3N says:

did he use hack 😛

Baltimore TURK says:


Risbo Lensky says:

6 more years of headache for globalists and jihadists

Atino says:

Putin is the best man to run the country and stand against the imperialist west and their puppets.

Che Guevara Revolutionair says:

It is time for Western Imperialism and Zionism to be destroyed and we will certainly destroy them. Long life RUSSI

Musti A says:

Aljazeera didn't your country give millions to fund ISIS. YOU SHOULDN'T THROW STONES FROM A GLASS HOUSE

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