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Voter turnout in this year’s Russian presidential election was higher than the last one; President Putin got 76 percent of the vote in spite of calls for a boycott by opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Independent monitors have reported hundreds of irregularities, but electoral officials say none of them was serious enough to warrant questioning the results.

Al Jazeera’s Rory Challands reports from Crimea.

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antwan fisher says:

Dam got to wait for another six years for putin presidency to finish so that the great American empire and our EU allies to challenge Russia and begin the take over Russia. Once putin presidency finish the Russian leadership will be weak and read for assimilation under America democracy and values. One word order control by the great imperial leader of the earth our great USA.
Just a matter of time, tick tock!

E K says:

Whether or not you approve of Putin, his maneuvers have been very impressive and I'm surprised it went as smoothly as it did.

Frances Ah Chong says:

If majority voted for Putin then clearly he is doing something/s right, let russia be!!

Atino says:

I am happy for my Russian brothers as Turkish man. They have chosen the right person for their country. The criminal states of america and their dogs will try everything to stop them.

DasBubba says:

Russia, the crumbling Third World backwater that still thinks it's a superpower, even when most of it's army is rusting away.

Duya Taksis says:

The Qatari government permits these British monkeys altogether too much editorial freedom. It needs to exercise control over Al-Jazeera, which broadcasts in its name. Failing that, Qatar should be made to pay a price for this slander.

Mike McDaniels says:

The Russian Constitution has to be changed to provide for smoother "presidential" transitions. Also the power of the presidency should be lowered to prevent a 'strong man' from always taking over the government.

Clarence White says:


Justin BiEber says:

I know the wrong propaganda is the duty of western media but Al jezeera also. Not good. Putin is a hero.

Funki says:

At 2:04 – "Dirty World Cup." Haha

Alex Bajan says:

May God bless president Putin and Russia. You are the main protector of the Peace and Christianity now.

vinm300 says:

What's next ?
More of the same : corruption, assassination of opposition leaders
throwing journalists out of windows, hiding your money abroad.
Fixing elections, imprisoning anyone who exposes corruption and
having them beaten and killed in prison.
Establishing a dictatorship over the bog-brained Russian people.

Joe Mama says:

Well of course he won. He would have the opposition killed asap.

Uros says:

I would have to vote for Putin too. Why, you ask? Well, the international 'community's' pressure on Russia is starting to look like the pressure on Germany in the 1920-30. The isolation that led to World War 2. Everyone enjoyed owning (pillaging) colonies, cheap raw materials and 'business opportunities', ou yea, except that one Germany. So, Germany overtook Austria, but in difference to Germany, Russia just reacted to a staged revolution, and the Germans planned and executed their 'Anschluss'. So, Russia is getting more and more isolated, everyone sharing cookies but none shared with the Russian Federation, and it is starting to make calculations – when will the cost of a large conventional war (with maybe a few tactical nukes near the end) be a better outcome than slowly decaying into a third world country, with population diminishing and with criminal organisations running loose all over the county. Political stability would be zero, and citizens security would be very low indeed… They have seen it in the 90's and they are not doing the same math again! You are trying to poke the bear just to the limit where the bear won't kill you – must you always play the hand worst for the global community? Why do we 'cattle' dudes mean so little to you?!

Neil Mathews says:

Al-Jazeera is jealous of putin

Jaret Ikhe says:


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