🚨New Explosion in Austin, TX – LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE

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There has been another explosion in Austin, Texas. Multiple injuries are reported. No word yet on whether this is another package bomb. We have LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE of the latest Austin explosion.


Watch the LIVE STREAM of the Austin explosion coverage here.

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heroic spirit rlsh says:

everyone please stay safe, and protect your Love's one's no matter what!

Daily Red Pill says:

Update 3/20/2018 FedEx bombing in San Antonio Texas in route to Austin

Joseph J says:

Trump is silent…. STILL.

zirasayers says:

Waiting for the Left to march against bombs, knives, cars, pressure cookers, etc. Still waiting. I thought the Left cared about people? Or is it that they just want our guns, just like every Left-Wing dictator throughout history did, and we all knows what follows once the people hand the guns over. Just saying.

ronald welch says:

Need to BAN packages,

Brucev7 says:

Londonistan Mayor Khan Was in Austin Speaking…

Brucev7 says:

APD says they think that he is a Serial Bomber

katman77018 says:

its a hoax and a drill. brought to you by homeland security, batf and the fbi. let's give the ma big hand shall we? for helping bring the security state. papers please coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

Errl Shmirl says:

Austin Police preparing to release name of Bomber. Reliable sources from CNN are reporting Sam Hyde as primary suspect.

econogate says:

But We must ban MUH AR 15!!!

Linda Gore says:

Try bomb hotspot

Tea & Empire says:

~20 commercial ads in this video….

Butterfly says:

Didnt Q say Boom Boom Boom? I'm not all caught up on these package bombs. Were they in places of any signifigance?

Yuri on the Edge says:

YouTube needs to stop censoring conservatives and independents before we all sue the shit out of you.

timothylamphear says:

How many times did Steve say hotshot?

John Flemming says:

Do you ever sleep? Doesn't look like it

John Smith says:

Forced evacuation is illegal. Shelter in place would make more sense.

Sever Zee Zombi says:

Unibomber of 2018?

John Smith says:

Why is Texas being targeted? Harvey, bombs, chemical plant explosions, historic monuments being removed from public parks…

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