Austin Suspect Mark Anthony Conditt Detonated Device As Police Approached Vehicle

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The suspect in a series of events in the Austin area has been identified by authorities as Mark Anthony Conditt, according to a source with direct involvement in the investigation.

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Kelly Aregood says:

Almighty God, our Savior Jesus will bring and show truth. Thank you Dahboo777,

Maryjane Green says:

That's not the guy in the video at FedEx. Accomplice?

Christopher Goetz says:

just like everything else this guy prolly didnt do it or if he did just a patsy

Fed up American says:

Yeah, motive would be nice. One would think you need a huge motive for this. This does not seem like the work of a pisst off kid. They take things more personally, and take the evil acts to here they have issues. This smells like shit!

t. l. duncan says:

It just occurred to me….Mark Anthony committed suicide….Cleopatra's husband! What are they telegraphing???

Gabriel Michaelson says:

Mark Anthony ‘Conned It’ Con and Deceive… I am surprised that it wasn’t a North Korean national called Ho Lee Fuk that was responsible… How they like to use their humorous names!

Jewel 123 says:

Poor kid. He could've been under mind control. It really gets me angry because it seems like the evil ones are targeting kids to do their dirty work. Then they blame it on the kids saying they went nuts and started killing people. Leave the kids alone YOU EVIL SATANIST!!!!

Robert Gile says:

Just wait for the details to come out and I'm sure the FBI already knew about him/interviewed him. Also I'm sure they'll find something to ban as a result.

Don't Speak says:

Order out of Chaos

Sarah Huskin says:

No way that kid was knowledgeable enough to make such sophisticated bombs

Jared Bailey says:

Wonder if they'll tie this to Vegas which nobody talks about anymore. Maybe it is tied somehow. Some group trying start a panic… Who knows.

Barbara Creator says:

#KNOWLEDGE So they claim…

Sinmatic X says:

why isnt the left screaming we need to make bombs illegal?

ConcernedCitizen says:

At what point did he target whites????

Michael Johnsob says:

white people

Fitzgerald Mistral says:

LIKE we can believe ANYTHING that comes out of this continuity of government since 9/11? Are you Alex Turncoat Jones fans or what? They could easily have SCRIPTED the whole thing, like… 9 frigging 11.

Bill Titwell says:

its funny how 'conservatives' used to be a label for those who believe the official spun rhetoric, yet now, conservatives are those who quite simply, dont.

holly rochford says:

You're finding it suspicious that people are talking about his political stance & views? Why is that suspicious?

C B says:

China stopped giving killers air time and their killnigs dropped a lot. But we keep giving them fame.

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