California Town REJECTS The Illegal Sanctuary State Law Then Mayor Destroys Mush Mouth Advocate

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OMG Becky Did You See The Huge Balls On That California Town!!!


reg profant says:

Adam fuck you you probably illegal ignorant parasite

Time Flyer says:

if the ACLU Sue's they need to be shutdown for good I think most people are sick and tired of the Facist Left trying to destroy Freedom for there own lining of there pockets. The Loonie Left needs to be taught a lesson..

Adam says:

Lol just piss off the ceos and republicans who love the cheap labor

reg profant says:

Our laws are for our legal citizens not ILLEGAL. They have no right to be in our country. A country is noted by boarders language and culture.

reg profant says:

What's so hard to understand about the word illegal? Are people that stupid and I mean stupid to know what illegal means.

Starcloak Starside says:

Singing. Whoa-Oh, fuck SS!! Whoa-Oh, fuck SS!!

Lckario says:

This guy is a clown, I’m hispanic and this guy is so out of touch. Good for this Mayor and his city council.

David loves you says:

Marco Churro??? Lol

Carol Harris says:

If illegals weren't here, there wouldn't be a problem with people cooperating with authorities.

kingblue 2016 says:


Steve Camarano says:

Steve Camarano

Kathy Altherr says:

He is "surprised" they would do something like this (voting to uphold OUR AMERICAN Constitution).

Ronald Raygun says:

Illegal aliens are not supposed to be here. PERIOD. They are ILLEGAL. It's so simple. Liberals do not believe in the law.

Vallerie Fountaine says:

Like she said…MANY ARE LAW ABIDING CITIZENS…we don't know that until it's been verified by federal ICE…SO just cooperate with ICE and let them do their jobs by deporting the MANY that aren't

Jerry Moody says:

fuck the aclu

joeashbubemma says:

What do these leftists asshats think would happen if they entered non-libtard countries like Japan, S. Korea, Russia, etc. ILLEGALLY? Do they really think they have a "right" to be there, much less demand the same rights and privileges of it's citizens? Try going to Mexico as an illegal! These fucking libs are a threat to our nation's very survival! I'm Japanese/Korean, my great grandparents came to America – LEGALLY. They got NOTHING from the government except a SS# so they could pay their taxes.

Generation X says:

Beware of wild fires out of no where.

Maria Jesus Ortega says:

white ugly Bitch like if white people aren't criminals childmolesters and land stealers and the list goes on

Dennis Nelson says:

Dam! We wanted not to follow gun law's, dump federal land grazing law's. federal drug law's. No more Federal Law's!

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