DOJ Planning Criminal Indictments of McCabe, Comey and Others

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john james says:

good work, alex! keep on trucking, right over tha deepstate!

Fred Fredricksen says:

Funny thought: Wiz of Oz… Depict Shrillery head on Wicked witch body in parts of that movie, have her sending forth her minions with Commey, Rosenstein, Page… Mueller, McCabe heads on the monkeys, or as guards of the castle with appropriate movie lines…

Vintage 1960 says:

Alert me when any of these people see the inside of a courtroom, let alone prison.

Jeremy says:

May you live to be a 1000 years old Alex!

Jeremy says:

If they all go down, I'm going to buy $1,000.00 worth of Infowars Swag!

Gregory Kellerhals says:

I will give them the dickens'. "Beatles" let it be.

Oliver Witherspoon says:

The FACT that Obama hired prostitutes during his presidency for his own personal escapades needs to finally come out! Expose Obama for the immoral person he really is. I know who can blow the lid off of that… will they finally do it?

glitch says:

The best way to prevent a rebellion is to make it appear that one is already in progress. There are always two sides. Any real rebellion will be absorbed by one of the false fronts. Remember what happened to the tea party movement? Swallowed by the fraudulent Republican party and rendered inert.

NC III% says:

Did YouTube delete my comment or did info wars? ??

Tim Sullivan says:

May the prison shower rapes of McCabe & Jim Commie begin!

whitesands says:

So it looks like they are going to be indicted for lying to congress and such….I wonder when their big crimes are going to be exposed

Rab w says:

it was the jews …alex…lol

Sam McCormack says:

President Trump is the only president brave enough and smart enough to go against the global cabal, muslim brotherhood, and the democrat deep state communists. God heard our prayers and gave us this president. We are living history every day as we watch the evil deep state exposed and hopefully charged with treason. There was a Bible character nicknamed "Macabee" which means " the hammer". If Trump had a Bible name, it would be Donald Macabee. Love it.

Essam Taban says:

Truth from great MAN !!!Thank's Alex

crookedjon says:

Umm… Hold on. If Comey was taking Hillary Clinton's money, why did he make a big show of investigating her emails days before the election, which helped her defeat? I think Alex might be making stuff up in this instance.

IM Sayldog says:

"…Yeah it's pretty fun to kill a bunch of Christians isn't it bro…"
God bless ya Alex.

Scavu Man says:

Thank You Alex, Thank You Infowars, Thank You Donald Trump, God Bless !

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