Donald Trump’s negotiation style

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What is U.S. President Donald Trump’s negotiation style? Glen Whyte from the University of Toronto explains the “mythical fixed pie” style of negotiating and what it means for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and NAFTA.
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Al Dingman says:

Crime Minister Trujoke is a panty-waist compared to Trump.

Raymond Kidwell says:

First of all if you read Trump's books on negotiation (actually written by his lawyer) he says the goal of negotiating is to get a deal where both parties win. Second: you talk about deals where everybody wins- if you think the American worker has won anything in the past 30 years you are crazy! These other countries have been taking our jobs for 30 years (and it isn't all going to technology folks). Now Trump says that we need to bring back some of those middle class jobs to the U.S. instead of them going to every other country- and they call Trump crazy.

These other countries under value their currency then charge 10, 20, 50 percent tariffs on our goods yet we let them import to us for free! Even with zero tariffs in these countries the currency difference undermines our workers. Since this deal has benefited American business owners and wall street (in the short term) while stripping America of its wealth and jobs these professionals always defend it.

We all don't benefit from these trade deals. Wal-mart benefits. Politicians that get paid off for making them benefit. Economists like this who are likely being paid off win. The other 99% of us lose.

Kraven Morehead says:

Trump is doing great! He done everything thing he said what other president done that?!

Everblue Freediving says:

Yes…style….sign contracts and refuse to pay while telling his creditors that exposure to the Trump brand is payment enough…and if you dog him long enough he will declare bankruptcy….

kerlty kiert says:

donald your an insporation to me.

c j says:

Trump bashing. And you lie. You did not read the art of the deal…obviously Discussing. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

sibsrock says:

I love watching followers , that critique the leaders, a very pointless task

vajiravudh says:

the only thing I can say about this so called negioting expert is he has done a good job in memorizing his script. compare him with other experts and you will understand what I mean.

stephan leman says:

If U.S. people used their guns to shoot themselves it would be a step in the right direction.

detroit ghetto says:


John Boy says:

The real trolls ARE the ones that believe cbc is real news.

John Boy says:

The election is over, Hillary lost.

John Boy says:

Cbc displays an extreme left bias

Terry Thomas says:

Trump welcome in London anytime.

Scott Spence says:

Haha did anyone see how Trudeau was sitting?

Phil deGlass says:

I think many Canadians are so fed up with Trudeau, that they are actually siding with Trump and the USA in these negotiations. What a sad country we have become, being led by this traitor.

Momma Knows Bestest says:

if this man is so good at negotiation why isnt he known by more people?

MrBrational says:

Take your hands out of your pocket next time.

45von says:

You learned in grade school… Do not trust a liar ever. and a braggart is a fool. both are perfect descriptions of Trump.

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