Florida pedestrian bridge collapses

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A new pedestrian bridge collapsed onto a highway at a Miami-area college Thursday, crushing at least five vehicles under massive slabs and killing several people, authorities said.

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HistoricSteamTV says:

The span was far too wide to not have the cables that were in design up or shoring and temp support below. In the slow mo of collapse you can see crane putting down heavy object right where the bridge crumples. Cost cutting, no access for roadway alteration from city it looks like, search slo mo collapse. Sad for crane workers that fell with bridge top.

Eddy LaBarr says:

this bridge weights as much as 4 railroad locomotives


Partly explained >>

Why didn't they close the road, and brace the flucking thing in the median, where they had the space to crib under it. Not only the lives that it took. but the questions/criticism that some or all of the designers, engineers, FIU professors, students and others are being scrutinized. If they would have stuck to their original plans for the transporter location and spreader beams/plates we would not be here today. And most of all those people that died in vain would be with their families and loved ones.

This was no accident, it was a conjunction on a multitude of plan deviations, errors, miscommunications and a failure of a engineer to take the time to contact FDOT on a timely manner

Silas Yuen says:

Americans shall relearn the basics.

Sean Last Name Here says:

Lets not jump to any misongynist conclusions here just because MCM, a company owned by men who employ predominantly females in order to show its the current year and boast about it on their facebook page, built this bridge. But guess which gender will be cleaning it up.

An article in the FIU paper says a female engineer was on the project and she feels we need more female engineers because they add an artistic touch.

Ron Smith says:

oh shyt, it must be the blacks, browns and any non whites who built the inferior bridge.

Lake Nipissing says:

Sad irony… the bridge which was being installed to provide additional safety for students to access the college results in several deaths before it even opened.

Liberals are Criminals says:

Bann ALL bridges NOW! they just committed a mass murder of innocent people.

Greenfaceman says:

Shithole America, kindergarten kids must have built that bridge. America you cannot be killing people around the world, and not think that destruction isn't going to visit you.

Minimation Productions says:

Better outlaw guns!

voidremoved says:

but it is the current year!

Robert Kitchen says:

The Russians did it

max wang says:


Robert Kitchen says:

Can't take him seriously with his daft hat on

Gil Cortes says:

Made in China

Василий Сибирский says:

our deep condolences to the relatives of the victims of this tragedy and a speedy recovery to the injured- P.S sorry for bad English-Russia Siberia mourns at the place with you

shot gun 5 says:

Oh look people got hurt, and a few died. Does this mean we ban bridges now?


Mandeep Singh says:

State off art bridge wow 14.2 million

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