Hilarious!… Facebook’s Zuck The Cuck Just Lost $14 Billion In 3 Days

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Scottish says:

The sooner Facebook goes the MySpace route the better and anyone who still uses Facebook sort your life out.

Rudolf Kolbitz says:

Get out of your moms basement

Ken Reck says:


Truth Teller says:

Zuckersell is getting what he deserves!
He was warned Not to screw with the algorithms and censorship! People figured out He sold out and violated Numerous Anti Trust Laws!

J G says:

Love your content. Just FYI – dropping F-bombs and other curse words only makes it so me and others like me can’t share it with friends. No need to tone anything down, but just keep in mind that your language makes you sound shallow and distracts from the facts you’re delivering! Good luck!

the three musketeers - funny dog videos and tribulations says:

Beta Zuckerberg T-shirts are probably made in China.

j mace says:

I'm not happy until he is in prison.

supermatti78 says:

thought he sold millions of shares just befor the drop

John Pick says:

David Rockefeller's Great Grandson ?

Ms Jones says:

Love your channel. I like this new intro

bipola telly says:

These figures are meaningless.
kinda nice tho'… i s'pose.
rather something bad happened to him…

bipola telly says:

Leader Technology.

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