Is Russia funding the NRA?

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Is Russia funding the NRA? The FBI is looking into whether the Kremlin used the NRA to illegally funnel cash to Donald Trump’s campaign. In the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, the CBC’s Wendy Mesley speaks to former Florida congressman Alan Grayson about the NRA’s influence over GOP politicians and Russia’s alleged connections to the organization.

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john haze says:

If you are Russia, thank you. JOIN THE NRA NOW

Rick in NM says:

Just another leftist propaganda video.  The Fusion dossier was funded by the Clintons, using data from a Clinton supporter, given to the FBI who used the lies to get a court order to spy on the Trump campaign.  The Obama administration used the IRS to go after conservative groups in the US.  Now we have this being pushed by the liberal media.

Jeff corsiglia says:

National Russian Association

ClayDog says:

CNN wants to take your guns away

Hammy Red says:

Youve lost he script cbc.

Kato Miler says:

Truly one of the most powerful arguments for campaign finance reform.

Justin Argentino says:

Does CBC offer all their employees tin foil hats?

Jimbo Jones says:

How many CBC employees work for the CIA? We know about operation mockingbird.

Jimbo Jones says:

"It's illegal to have foreign money sloshing around in the United states for the benefit of a foreign power" That just makes every American politician a criminal. But we already knew that. Have you ever heard of any politician ever being convicted of this "crime"? Never.

John Widell says:

This is BS. I'm sure Russia would would not want Americans armed to preserve their freedom. They would do exactly what the left is doing, remove the ability to defend themselves and rely on government.

Thomas McEwen says:

Americans are very worried about Canadians at risk in the US, Canada ban all Canadians coming South for winter to save their life. Close the border please. Please break all diplomatic relationships with the US, we will suffer in silence.

Thomase Synek says:

What are the CBC drinking, the new Russia has the GNP is of Italy. No we are not listening. The NRA had nothing to do with the shooting, nor did Russia. The CBC Target is the 2nd Amendment, so we can become a cluck like Trudeau's Canada. Drop dead please.

kelly minid2 says:

Russia gives Millions to the NRA (Not Really Americans).

Jake Lopes says:

Why would a other country want support there enemy's people to be strong to fight them back

Joe Smith says:

yes, Russia is now responsible for anything negative that happens to democrats. It was Putin himself who told Hilary to have terrible policies and also not to visit Wisconsin during the campaign lol

George A. Bellus says:

Next on CBC:
Is Russia funding bullies on instagram?
Yeah, but let's not check the deals of the Clinton Foundantion with Russia.

Deb Alcorn says:

Thanks CBC, but the US doesn't need anymore crap reporting. We have enough here already. Signed, The Constitutional Representative Republic of the United 50 States of America.

Taos Hum says:

Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it isn't true. NRA receiving funds from Russia? Highly possible. Everything mentionned in this video is reliable.

You deny it? Explain yourselves.

RIPLemmyKilmister says:

Is a country whose media organization RT was pushing gun control propaganda after Sandy Hook and has leftist hosts like Thom Hortmann and Lee Camp who peddle the same thing funding the NRA?

No, but they seem to be living in your head rent free

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